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There's a little something for everyone on this month's Wish List. This curated combination is filled with goodies, experiences and treats that would serve as the perfect spoil for yourself or a loved one. This isn't just any old list, but rather one that has been carefully considered and well researched by yours truly. Check out what Epiphany Head quarters has had our eyes on throughout the month of June!

Here they are in no particular order:

1. The Bently Pants

These effortlessly chic cotton pants are casual, with an elegant twist. They are an ideal wardrobe addition for those sunny winter days that require a bit of layering. Think long sleeve tee or shirt, covered by a warm and cosy knit that can be removed in the late morning sun.

Then look forward to styling them when things heat up in couple of months time. They are a timeless investment that can be worn all year round.

Bentley Pants, R789 - Coco & Salt

2. The Ayla Hoops

Mañana comes through with the goods, yet again! These gorgeous earrings are waterproof, meaning you can wear them come rain or shine! (a non-negotiable for me these days). They also feature a design that allows you to wear them in two ways. Loop the rope charm on for a snazzy double-dangle look and then slip it off again when you're wanting to rock a simple, classic hoop. These are incredible value, in my opinion and honestly, we can't ever have enough hoops!

Ayla Hoops, R260 - Mañana

3. Luscious Locks

There is honestly nothing better than a little hair refresh. This payday is the perfect time to book a winter 2023 hair appointment. Whether you change up your look with a darker shade, a cute cut or a few soft hi-lights, Sarah is the master of low maintenance hairstyles that keep hair healthy and looking gorgeous for longer. This week I visited Sarah for a tone, trim and treatment, and I can't believe what a difference it's made to my hair!

Luscious Locks - Sarah Slater

4. The must have Lip Balm

A coveted item that won't break the bank! A nourishing, protecting, and soothing lip balm is an absolute must-have to keep those smackers plump and kissable this winter. With so many products on the market, its hard to decipher which lip balms actually work and which just give superficial and temporary hydration. This lip balm, made with moisturising vanilla oil, will lock in hydration while also providing SPF40 protection from the sun.

Lipbalm SPF40, R45 - CF Suncare

5. The Luna Bag

I am all for the convenience and comfort of having my essentials strapped across me, especially when I am on the move with Madi and a nappy bag in tow! This 100% genuine leather bag is beautifully soft to the touch and fits perfectlt accross your chest so that all essentials are easily accessible. The adjustable straps of the Luna are also removable, meaning that they can be changed up and personalised to your preference, mood or outfit. A stylish everyday bag that I am dying to make mine!

Luna Cross Body Bag in Beige, R1850 - Huntress

6. The Britt Dress

There's always room in my heart (and cupboard) for a pretty Ammara frock. The Britt Dress is made of natural linen with a feminine pattern. Easy to dress up but just as comfy, and lovely for a relaxed Saturday picnic. The timeless silhouette of this dress is what makes this an excellent investment for your capsule wardrobe.

Britt Dress, R950 - Ammara

7. Group Coaching

If you read this months newsletter you would have come across my mention of a moms circle that helped so much with navigating some of my postpartum struggles. Cary, author of Holding Mama and caring soul behind Life Shifts Coaching, runs small group sessions with moms, focusing mainly on pregnancy and postpartum. These sessions allow moms to connect with one another and to feel less alone in the issues they face. It is such an affirming space to listen to and take strength from each other’s stories, and to appreciate one’s own story. I would highly recommend one of these circles for anyone that feels like they need some support without judgement.

Group Coaching - Life Shifts Coaching

8. The Mini Jewellery Case

Do you get any cuter than this!? This little jewellery organiser is made for easy and effortless travelling with your jewels. It keeps them safe, secure and organised neatly in sections. I feel like this would be so handy and something I would find myself reaching for whenever I'm are setting off on a little vacay. Not to mention, it would make a wonderful gift - especially if it came with a jewel already sitting pretty inside! Not hinting but the Ayla Hoops (cough cough).

Mini Jewellery Case, R395 - Adele Catherine

9. Petit Baby Grows

At the top of Madi's wish list are these adorable 100% cotton baby grows. They have the sweetest unique fruity prints on them. Choose between blueberries, peaches or lemon for your babe or, if you're like me and struggling to choose, you might end up with the whole fruit salad!

Perfectly gender neutral, read this months Inspo Edit for why I love that!

Petit Babygrows, R325 - Bébé Cadeaux

10. The Super Glo Hydro Boost Jelly Moisturiser

This jelly moisturiser was created for sensitive skin as well as dehydrated, dull and ageing skin. It is infused with calming and hydrating ingredients such as CBD leaf extract, hyaluronic acid, jojoba, pomegranate and squalene. I've decided to jack up my skincare routine this month, starting with this lightweight jelly that supports a healthy skin barrier while hydrating deep into the skin. If you're looking for a little skincare motivation, check out our Foolproof Skincare Routine here.

The Super Glo Hydro Boost Jelly Moisturiser, R325 - Lumi Glo

Spot anything you will be adding to your cart?

Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,

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