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Dave and I didn't find out whether we were having a girl or a boy during my pregnancy. On the day Madi was born, it really was the best feeling to finally discover who had been baking in my tummy for those nine months!

It made getting ready for our babe's arrival a little easier too, as I didn't want lots of pink or blue, but rather an array of goodies that any boy or girl would love and look sweet as pie in! I am not one to buy gender specific garb anyway. I love neutrals and subtle greens and even when I purchase something girly, like a dress, my colour choice is rarely pink.

It also makes so much sense to me from a longevity perspective. Most things that we buy for these little babes have a time limit. They use things for only a few months and then we have to pack them away. I love that gender neutral purchases can be handed down to any siblings, cousins or friend.

I like to buy things that are made to last, even if they are only worn for around 6 months in our home. Cheap and nasty does no one any good. It speaks to the eco-friendly culture that is important to so many local brands. Personally, I would rather spend a little extra on something of good quality, own less and then make it work for the next child or alternatively, pass on to someone else who will find joy in it.

So if you are anything like me, this is a list you will love.

A lovingly hand-crocheted keepsake item for the modern baby.

Beau Jersey, from R355 - Bébé Cadeaux

Guaranteed to encourage hours of imaginative play. Perfect to combine with others in the Little Dutch range.

Little Dutch Cash Register, R510 - Make Believe

Offers a safe and comfy spot that lets baby rest, lounge, play, cuddle, do tummy time and get diaper changes.

Deluxe+ Dock, from R3199 - DockaTot

Made from a soft stretch brushed rib, it's stylish and comfy athleisure for kids.

Short Loungewear Set, R340 - Flynn Jaxon

A must-have for everyday wear and stress-free diaper changes. An ideal choice for newborns, fast growers or little ones practising their walking skills.

Organic Grow Suit, R275 - Boki

An essential winter item need not be dull or boring for your precious.

Wooly Beanie, R145 - Bébé Cadeaux

Not just a walker, but also cool storage on wheels to gather all those treasures around the house. Great for development of balance, coordination and motor skills.

Little Dutch Walker Wagon, R1335 - Make Believe

Double layered and lined, this soft triangle bib is made for drool absorption and comfort. Pleated in all the right places, it drapes beautifully to ensure it is both functional and stylish.

Bandana Bib, R99 - Flynn Jaxon

A staple in baby's cupboard, featuring an easy-entry, 2-way zip to make nappy changes a breeze.

Organic Stripe Zip Suit, R295 - Boki

This smartly designed wearable blanket keeps your baby safe and secure at night.

Sleep Bag, from R1199 - DockaTot

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