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At this time of the year, when the school holidays are in full force and we are in the depths of the winter chill, it seems to feel like everyone is setting off on a holiday. Instagram becomes flooded with snapshots from sunny island vacations, drool worthy trips to Europe or exciting local sojourns.

Sometimes I am lucky to be one of the ones sharing, but this year we are staying put. Seeing as I'm not off jet-setting, I thought I would live vicariously through our fellow travellers by sharing some of my favourite travel tips.

Here is the what's what when it comes to packing essentials that you may not think of when packing for your vacation.


There is a reason why toddlers are so attached to their doo-doo blankies. There is so much comfort in things that feel like home and you don't have to be two years old to feel that way!

Wearing your own dressing gown or slippers while away can provide a sense of comfort and familiarity that is often lacking when you’re far from home or loved ones. Something comfy and homey can make you feel at ease whilst in unfamiliar surroundings. It promotes comfort and in turn relaxation, which is something we could all use a little more of, in my opinion!

The Basoli Ladies Gown by Andsara is lightweight and won’t take up much space in your luggage. Wear it during your downtime or as a stylish poolside cover-up. A gown like this is guaranteed to enhance your holiday experience by making you feel comfortable and relaxed, no matter the setting. And of course, it will be your new favourite at home too.


It takes me a while to get into a book and I have a habit of falling asleep after only a couple of pages. Heading off on a holiday with a book or two sounds like a fine idea in theory, but in reality it is often a waste of time and luggage space for me. I'm too easily distracted and battle to get stuck in, and it's near impossible to enjoy pages full of imagination when a little person keeps calling from the sidelines.

Fellow mamas, the Holding Mama journal may just be the ultimate solution to our "need to read" whilst away from home. This conversational, honest book is written to hold and nurture mamas in their unique experiences. So what makes it perfect for travelling with distractions amidst?

Well, I love the fact that you can jump to relevant sections that spark your interest, and actively engage by journalling your thoughts. You don't need long periods of time to gain from these short stints of self reflection and the simple little pieces of advice, tools and inspiration that fill these pages might even help you to have a more relaxed, stress free holiday.

So instead of feeling guilty about not getting stuck into a piece of great english literature, a quick 20 minutes of thought provoking advice and journal questions could be an amazing way to gain some holiday me-time.


This isn’t the first time (and probably won’t be the last) that I’ve mentioned the incredible versatility and functionality of Turkish towels, especially when travelling. It would be amiss of me to not give them a mention in this list. From shawl, to picnic blanket, to pram cover, to blanket, to towel - the uses are endless. I do NOT travel anywhere without one of the pretty towels from Le Comfie!


Picture this:

You have just arrived at your destination. You are tired, excited and eager to unpack all at once. With the swish of your suitcase zip, your positive mood is suddenly altered by wet belongings and messy, leaked shampoo all over your luggage.

Perhaps a little dramatic, but you get the point.

Never again should we arrive at our destination only to discover an exploded shampoo or conditioner bottle in our toiletry bag. Solid shampoo bars are not a passing trend, they are here to stay and for good reason. There is more to the cute and compact appearance of Damp's Shampoo Bars. They are pH balanced and filled with nourishing plant-based ingredients, minerals, and botanical extracts.

Do yourself a favour and pop a Damp Shampoo Bar into your travel bag. You will have great holiday hair without the risk of the mess and the mood!


Entertainment for kids while travelling is essential. Depending on their age, it can be very difficult to draw them away from appeal of technology, and as a parent it can be very tempting to choose “peace” rather than argue over screen time. But since the goal of a family holiday is often to connect and bond with one another, the ideal form of entertainment would be something that encourages the whole family to engage with one another. The Little Talks Big Feelings Cards by Mum Well does just that!

They are 34 engaging prompts that encourage exploration into interests, morals and emotional regulation and expression. They provide opportunities for deep conversations to share experiences, insights, and empathise with your mini me's and you would be surprised at how much your children will enjoy feeling heard and understood.

A simple and small addition to your hand luggage that provides hours of meaningful and engaging entertainment for the whole family.


A holiday is the perfect time to relax and let your hair down. Just the feeling of being away from the hustle bustle of everyday life may be enough to put you in the mood. Nectar Intimate Oil is every woman's bestie when it comes to self-love and romance. And whether you are travelling solo or with a partner, need not matter in the slightest!

Still not sure what I'm talking about? Do yourself a favour and get clued up on this brand new local product that is making waves in bedrooms everywhere. Finally a product that puts women first when it comes to pleasure.


Travelling with full sized skincare products can be a bit of a pain and to be honest, I sometimes relinquish my daily skincare essentials in favour of convenience and an already full toiletry bag. On top of that, the thought of my precious investment in skincare leaking is enough to put me off.

Luamu’s Minis Trio is the answer to my lazy holiday skin habits and assists with my concerns around mess and product waste. This incredibly useful trio consists of cute sized Hyaluronic Acid, Virgin Marula Oil and Squalane.

Keeping your skin hydrated and your complexion glowing couldn't be easier with these travel friendly minis that will fit effortlessly into your hand luggage or suitcase.


No matter where we go, a swimming costume is a worthwhile addition to your luggage. Even if it’s highly unlikely that there may be a beach or a pool where you're headed, there are still a surprising amount of activities that require a swimsuit. You never know when a sauna, jacuzzi or sneaky spa session might end up on your holiday itinerary. Something so small and easy to pack is not worth leaving behind! Rather have it just in case, right?

An Essiebess number will ensure you look stylish and feel your best no matter the swimsuit occasion! With all the holiday snacks, Aperols and good times, a costume that makes you feel like your best "you" is always welcome! The Essiebess fit is tried, tested and highly recommended by yours truly.

Can you relate to any of these travel tricks? If you are about to take some time off then happy packing! And if you are like me, just staying put, you might want to save this post until the occasion arises.

All my love,

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