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When it comes to money, we often look at price instead of value. We shop sales and buy things we don't necessarily need, or we purchase based on price point rather than quality. For a while there has been a movement towards a capsule wardrobe. Of course this selection of daily attire doesn't necessarily have to be expensive, but rather items that could be described as classic or timeless. There is always room for one bold jersey or a WOW dress, but if you start to shop with intention to find value rather than just follow a trend or a price point, you may find yourself with a selection of items you wear again and again and again.

Some of the finds below are personal favourites that already sit in my wardrobe and are worn weekly, whilst others I am dying to add to my collection.

Either way, this list has been made to inspire an investment in versatile wardrobe staples that can be worn on rotation.

Which will you be adding to you cart?


If you know me, you know I am hooked on hoops. It's ironic as I couldn't stand them when they first became fashionable again, and now I wear them day in and day out. Something that is a fun mix up from an everyday huggie is a bolder design that makes a statement whilst also made to wear daily. I love the selection from Mańańa which also happen to be waterproof! This means they are less likely to tarnish and fade quickly. Trust me, you will be wearing these beauties all the time.

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I'll admit, this is an unusual addition and one that has only come onto my radar as a mama (i.e. bag lady). If Madison and I want to go anywhere it involves a lunch bag, nappy bag, handbag and sometimes even my laptop (and this is just a 3 hour visit to the village)! 5 bags is where I draw the line. Behold, the basket! Apart from its practicality, I actually love the look of a basket on my shoulder. Something that's easy to carry but big enough to hold all our things sounds ideal! This one from Summer & Salt is in my cart and waiting for checkout (read pay day).

As far as an investment goes, baskets are the best for the beach, picnics and travel. In a nutshell, we can't deny that these are super versatile whilst being perfectly pretty.

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Whether it's a jumpsuit, a dress or a top and trousers, I always have time for an all black get up. The perfect opportunity to carry a fun handbag or go bold on accessories, but just as lovely with dainty jewels and "strappy" sandals.

Well made black linen creations have to be my favourite. High quality fabric that won't go out of style. Add a pair of super flattering black jeans or trousers and you have items that you will wear for years on end. Sounds boring? Not at all! Mixing these basics with fun accessories, bold knits or jackets and a beautiful pair of shoes is a recipe for a fabulous outfit that will be sure to turn heads.

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I have two; One from my husband in honour of Madi and one that holds a beautiful heirloom from my special gran. I wear mine on rotation and sometimes at the same time. You will never find me without at least one of them on.

I love seeing the different ways people choose to keep loved ones close, especially when it comes to sentimental jewels. Christy Anne Jewellery is a firm favourite for anything of this nature. She has so many thoughtful designs that you can make your own, or you even have the opportunity to create a custom piece.

Whether it's birthstones, initials, engravings, fingerprints or loops, investing in something so close to your heart is always worthwhile. The best part is that these go with absolutely anything you choose to wear, and if you invest in solid metals you never have to take them off!

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Something I am yet to add to my wardrobe but that I've had my eye on for a while. Kimono's don't necessarily have to "shout" in oriental prints. If you opt for plain or classic fabrics they can be a very versatile addition to your closet, especially in summer thanks to their cooler fabric choices.

They look really cute paired with jeans and a basic tee, but manifest the ultimate chic girl look when spending a day at the pool in your bikini.

Bold hoops and a basket bag are optional but highly recommended to round up this casually cool look.

In your quest for the perfect kimono, use our SHOP BY CATEGORY section to find brands such as Summer & Salt, Hare & Manuela, Andsara and Coco & Salt.

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I hope you feel inspired to shop with longevity in mind!

All my love,

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