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Updated: May 31, 2023

It's no surprise that becoming a mama will force you into a whole new realm of decision making. There are hundreds of quality brands on the market and being selective, with your little one in mind, can be daunting. As a mom I have quickly learnt what is worth my pretty pennies and what I perhaps could survive without.

I've gathered some of my favourite brands and products to give you a run down on some of the finds I find particularly practical and fun!

Have a squiz below.

BIBS Pacifier Box, R260 - Flynn Jaxon

This Dummy Box is multi-use piece that makes for the perfect on-the-go dummy storage. It will keep that dummy clean and on hand as the securely shut box can be attached to an easy-to-reach place. And once you manage to get that babe to lose the dummy entirely? Use it for snacks.

Changing Station Baskets, from R169 - Bébé Cadeaux

My changing station is complete with a couple of baskets that hold nappies, creams and alike. They make finding something in a hurry super easy and they keep things neat and tidy. When you have one hand on your babe and the other hand waving around trying to locate the essentials, something as simple as an organised station can make all the difference.

I am particularly fond of these sweet bear designs by Bébé Cadeaux.

Sleep Romper, from R1299 - DockaTot

We are not here yet, but at the rate Madison is growing I know that a baby on-the-move is just around the corner (weep). They grow up too fast! I love that the DockaTot Sleep Rompers keep your babe warm but still allow them to get up and go. There is no way of holding a toddler down, so this is the ultimate piece of mind to ensure they stay nice and warm on these cold winter mornings.

BIBS Wobbly Stacking Tower, R435 - Make Believe (or Flynn Jaxon)

Currently on my wish list for Madi, the BIBS tower is a fun way to refine fine motor skills, hand-eye coordination, and spatial reasoning. This toy encourages stacking and play in both sand and water. It comes with imprints and small holes of different sizes to create a shower effect where the water flows out at different speeds. It just the most wonderful thing watching your baby play and discover.

Organic Rib Zipsuit, R295 - Boki

I am all about these Boki Zipsuits and the fact that Madison is growing out of the 3-6m ones means I am in desperate need of stocking up in a bigger size! The zip makes nappy changing easy and quick while the little mittens mean hands are kept as warm as the rest of their body. I used to laugh at the little foot grips, but as soon as your babe starts walking they are a welcome addition to protect your little one from slipping. There is such a beautiful selection of colours in these and they are the ultimate basic when it comes to baby wear.

Clutch Changer, from R1099 - DockaTot

When Madi was younger I didn't find much use for the Clutch Changer as I always had a nappy bag with 5 changes of clothes, medicine, spare dummies, a burp cloth, nappies, changing essentials and more.

But now that Madi is becoming more predictable and I am able to leave the house with less. My pretty clutch changer is fast becoming one of my most used items as it is easy to whip out and head to a loo for nappy changes. I also love that it has a built in mat! I am horrified by how few restaurants have changing tables and mama rooms. This clever clutch has everything you (or dad) needs!

Little Dutch Multi-Activity Walker, R1920 - Make Believe

I am completely obsessed with everything Little Dutch. The quality and cuteness level that these toys encompass is unmatched, as far as I am concerned. This Multi-Activity Walker has an array of different blocks in many shapes and sizes. Stacking and puzzling assists with motor skill development and shape and colour recognition. The high quality ensures that it stands sturdy for the little one that needs some assistance when heading off "a-foot"!

Which will you be investing in for your sweet babe?

Much Love,

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