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As woman, we share a beautiful strength that allows us to unite, empower, protect and support, but for every one of us this looks so different. It's in celebrating our equality that we must recognise our differences. Our individuality is what gives us a unique approach to life and womanhood, but at the core, there is a golden thread that stitches us together and manifests our power.

On a day that celebrates women empowering other women, along with the strength that comes with our silent unity, it would be remiss of me not to touch on the qualities that make us a force to be reckoned with.

Despite our countless pressures, expectations and responsibilities we have proven our ability to fight through our patriarchal society and thrive.

So girls, let's celebrate what makes us who we are...


is not all frills and sensitivity. We find our femininity in the way we handle our challenges. Though perhaps considered the softer sex, it is in our gentile approach that we continue to break through societal boundaries. We should embrace our softer edges, our self care and our beauty. Our strength of character is not reduced because we wear the perfect shade of lipstick.


is ours and ours alone. We don't need permission to feel good. So much of this taboo topic revolves around men and their desires. Our society uses sex to sell almost everything and yet we often feel so much shame and guilt around our sexual beings as woman. It's time to feel, to need, to want, and to break free from standards and expectations. Instead let's celebrate the true diversity of our bodies and listen to instincts by embracing who we are.


is what gives us power. Being 100% YOU is your ultimate tool to living a fulfilled existence and reaching your full potential. Accepting not only our favourite parts of ourselves, but also our least favourite parts is what gives us the confidence to tackle every challenge and embrace what makes us the impressive woman we are.


is formidable. We need to revel in our womanly characteristics. Our ability to nurture, express, empathise and feel is what sets us apart and allows us to handle ourselves and situations in a way that only a woman can. Our emotions fuel our compassion and intelligence, and give us the strength to conquer whilst at the same time find compassion. We were made to grow, birth, feed and protect our offspring using only the very same body we were given at birth by a woman herself. Whether we choose to do so, or not, it speaks to the capabilities we all hold deep within us.

Beautiful woman, you are everything you need to be and more. Your weaknesses are your strengths, and your knowledge, attributes, skills and talents are the very things that make you the wonderful, capable person that you are.

Here's to you! You are extraordinary.

All my love,

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