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The time has come around where we pull out the Wish List that we've been adding to all month. There are some things we fancy for ourselves and some things we fancy for those close to us. But all of it we have saved for Pay Day because, let's face it, times are tough! That doesn't stop us, however, from relishing in our list of goodies and making a sneaky purchase or two. We hope that you like some of our finds as much as we do!

Here they are in no particular order:

1. A ladder is a versatile decor item that can be used in almost all rooms of a home. Its main advantage being that it is easily moved around and need not be a permanent feature in any space. They are usually very slim, taking up minimal space while providing maximum function. In the case of this gorgeous copper one by Copptique, there is plenty of beauty to behold, too!

Copper Ladder, R1500 - Copptique

2. These throws are lighter than most Turkish cotton throws but perfect for our South African climate and still great to add that extra layer when the chill sets in. Their simplistic design, synonymous with Turkish weaving works well in contemporary interiors. I have no doubt that this would make its way all around my home, either as a throw on the sofa, a picnic blanket on my lawn or an extra layer at the foot of the bed.

Striped Throw, R799 - Le Comfie

3. We may be in the thick of winter but there's no harm in emanating spring by donning some cute florals. I am especially partial to these gold dainty daisies to add a feminine touch to any outfit. I am also all about functionality these days, so the fact that the Daisy Necklace is waterproof is a big bonus for me. Who has the time to take their jewellery off each time they shower?!

Waterproof Daisy Necklace, R320 - Mañana

4. This light, non-oily cream is packed with ingredients that replace your lipid bilayer while restoring, hydrating and soothing your skin. It corrects pH levels and boosts your skin’s health and immune function. If you suffer from dry, itchy and sensitive skin in cold weather, you won't regret adding this to your skincare routine. It's on my winter wish list every year!

Lamelle Restore Cream, R595 - The Beautique

5. This Robe, with its oversized fit and luxurious waffle weave, has been made with superior comfort in mind. The perfect post-bath attire when you are lucky enough to have a relaxing night in. Or just a cute and cosy alternative to other drab dressing gowns.

Istanbul Waffle Robe, R1500 - Summah

6. This play set is sure to delight any little one looking to play pretend coffee shop! Not only is this play set exceptionally cute, but it inspires imaginative play, encourages interactive learning and promotes co-ordination development and social skills. Now your babe can have a cappuccino just like her mama!

Tender Leaf Babyccino Maker, R1040 - Make Believe

7. I am yet to get my hands on anything from our relatively new Epiphany Directory brand, Palmar Collection. Anyone who knows me knows that I love a traditionally laid table. Well made crockery, beautiful glassware, the right utensils for the meal being served and 'real' napkins. A little bit of effort can go a long way in enhancing mealtime with your family and friends. There's definitely a misconception that laying the table properly is time consuming or complicated. However, with these stunning Napkin Sets, there could not be a more simple way to get started.

Sand Napkin Set, R140 - Palmar Collection

8. A pH-balanced shampoo that tends to your scalp’s most sensitive needs with a botanical blend that reduces itchiness and soothes and treats sensitivities. Ginkgo biloba and ziziphus assist in boosting scalp circulation while white willow bark and green clay gently buff away flakes and balance sebum production. In other words, it is the perfect bar for an unhappy scalp, which may be more likely to be the case during cold months.

Soothing Scalp Detox Bar, R190 - Damp

9. These handcrafted leather clogs are effortlessly cool and luxuriously comfortable, just as your everyday mule should be! The addition of the shearling wool make these different from the ordinary and a luxe winter wish list item for me. With Sweet Peas, you know that you're getting only the best quality product that will last you a very long time, so it's worth every bit of spoil.

Leather Clog with Shearling Wool, R1799 - Sweet Peas

10. I'm so looking forward to trying to new Lotus Breath range! This Beauty Oil Cleanser is made to refresh your skin and keep your glow. It’s enriched with tea tree and lavender essential oil, as well as argan oil to help remove any make up or dirt from the day without clogging pores. I can imagine it being a very nourishing cleanser rather than one that strips the skin.

Beauty Oil Cleanser, R235 - Lotus Breath

Spot anything you will be adding to your cart?

Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,

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