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Updated: May 11, 2023

While being surrounded by beautiful things has many perks, it also comes with a downside. Unfortunately it's just not viable to purchase every single dress that our heart desires or all the pretty trinkets we have our eyes set on. A girl can dream, however! And that's where the Payday Wish List comes in. Throughout the month we make a note of goodies we would either love to try, repurchase, gift to a friend or have in our home. They are top of our list when pay day rolls around. We've scoured the directory, done the research and come up with the goods!

Here they are in no particular order:

1. Is it really autumn if you aren't pairing a blazer with every outfit imaginable? This plaid option from Coco & Salt has a sophisticated and timeless appeal, making it one of those items that are sure to feature in your outfit line up for years to come. I love pairing a tailored item with jeans and jewels to create casually chic look.

Bentley Plaid Blazer, R1299 - Coco & Salt

2. The ultimate kiddies loungewear set! This unisex collection features a whopping 10 sizes; from 0-3 months to 7-8 years! Matching sibling outfits, anyone? Made from a soft stretch brushed rib - it is a perfect set for both in and out of the house. Comfy and stylish!

Loungewear Set, R320 - Flynn Jaxon

3. This is a multi-faceted exfoliating toner that can be used for all skin types. It promotes cellular turnover while also having a moisturising effect. It reduces trans-epidermal water loss, softens the skin, reduces pore size and acts as an astringent. It also improves skin barrier function while supporting acne-prone skin. I love that this range is natural and vegan-friendly. For more info on vegan skin care, keep your eye out for a feature on The Inspiration Edit later this week!

Exfoliating Toner, R369 - Mbiri

4. 'Tis the season for extra layers, and with this gorgeous Andsara Coverlet, there will be no complaints about that. The popular ‘fan flower’ print in blue, with contrasting striped edging, creates a special finishing touch for any bedroom. This lightweight, non-reversible quilt can be used for both decoration and warmth.

Nahan Coverlet, R1400 - Andsara

5. Another unisex item for kids. I love these items that can be past down from sibling to sibling to create beautiful outfits, boy or girl. Seeing little jerseys on babes may be one of my favourite things. I can't get enough of Neve's beautiful knitted pieces and I am not ashamed to admit that I cannot wait to dress Madi up in all her winter gear!

Gender Neutral Biscuit Knitted Sweater, R500 - Neve

6. A product that I would recommend time and time again to those that are ready to take hair removal into their own hands (literally!) With The Portable IPL Device you can take charge of your hair removal journey in the privacy of your own home and on your own schedule.

Portable IPL Hair Removal Handset, R2800 - My Smooth Skin

7. Although this Disk Necklace is typically a gifted piece, there's no judgement if it is on your personal Wish List. A sentimental item that can symbolise a person or a memory, while maintaining a clean and minimal aesthetic to suit anyone's daily style. While the 9kt gold plated necklace is high quality and wears well, ordering it in solid 9ct gold will ensure it lasts a lifetime.

Small Disk Necklace, from R600 - Christy Anne Jewellery

8. These prompt cards are conversation starters that can be used as a powerful connection tool or a fun family game. They have been developed with the intention of strengthening and fostering the relationship we have with our children by getting to know them whilst they get to know themselves! These cards provide an opportunity to share experiences, insights and empathise, as well as encourage exploration into interests, morals and emotional regulation. These magical cards should be compulsory in every home, in my opinion!

Little Talks Big Feelings Cards, R190 - Mum Well

9. For those who like to make sure they don't lose their feminine frills and frocks when winter comes around. There's no need to dull down your wardrobe when you can don The Jaipur Dress in a subtle, yet eye catching, coral leaf print. The maxi length and three quarter sleeve makes it an ideal choice as the temperature drops.

Jaipur Coral Leaf Dress, R959 - Trinity

10. Whether pregnant, post-partum, or simply yearning for a soothing and supportive solution, The Cosset Body Pillow offers comfortable and supportive sleep and positioning for anyone needing a little extra comfort. This multi functional body pillow is made with premium materials and designs that elevate a room wherever you decide to nestle up. The comfort of a Dock made for us big people!

Cosset Body Pillow, from R2499.99 - DockATot

Which will you be adding to your cart?

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