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I decided to post the Pay Day Wish List today so that those that have to wait until the last day of every month for their bank account to be replenished can get in on the action.

With December fast approaching and our Pop Up in just over 3 weeks, I couldn't be more excited to share some of my October directory finds with you. Some will be available to shop in person at our Pop Up event later in November, whilst you can find others online. If you want to get your hands on any of the below before Christmas be sure to shop them before stores shut down for the festive season!

1. HOLDING MAMA - Pregnancy/postpartum journal

We spend so much of our pregnancy preparing for the birth of our babe, decorating our nursery, getting the "right" accessories and daily essentials in place and finding warm, sweet attire to dress our little bundles in. What we forget to prepare for is what comes rushing in with the arrival of almost every babe! A myriad of emotions accompanies new mama hood and taking a little bit of time to nurture ourselves during this time is more important than you may think.

The Holding Mama journal is a personal space to find emotional support and a healthy outlet for all those mama feels. I couldn't recommend it more for any mama, from pregnancy to any stage of motherhood. You got this girl!

2. BÉBÉ CARDEUX - Christmas Cuteness

Red and green (except for those dusty tones) are pretty low on my list of best colours to wear! And that goes for me and money. Yay for her lack of opinion when it comes to what I dress her in! Long may it last :)

Bébé Cardeux understands the need for keeping things classically chic and has designed the ultimate outfit options for a beautiful Christmas bébé. So much choice the can be worn for many more days than just Christmas!

3. MAKE BELIEVE - Little Dutch Baby Doll Evi

Madi got a Baby Doll Evi for her first birthday this year and the quality and cuteness that this sweet little doll holds is on another level. The little soft doll comes with beautiful accessories like a sleep sack and even a magnetic dummy that sticks to her lips.

Perfect for the imaginative play that little ones love. There are a few different options to choose from so you can get one that your darling will love.

4. MANANA - Sol Sol Huggies

Will I ever have enough Huggies? Probably not! These Sol Sol Huggies are the perfect pretty addition to your ear stack. I love the little sunny charms and the small bold hoop. delightful and darling, I need these to be mine!

5. AVA ROSE - Daily/weekly planners

The LAST stock drop went live yesterday, 31 October 2023. If you wanted to get your hands on one of these beautiful diaries but missed your chance during pre-orders, then now is the time to place your order before it is too late.

The Ava Rose planner is my personal first choice for 2024, with exciting daily prompts and awesome monthly planning templates. If you love to be inspired and need to diarise to make sure you get things done, this planner is a wonderful choice!

6. BOKI - Short Sleeve Zipsuit

There is something about a toddler in a onesie that I can not resist. I love that they still look like the little babies that they really are. The Boki Zipsuits only add to the level of cuteness with their little footless feature that allows toes to run free.

The quality of Boki's organic cotton fabrics are truly amazing and when people ask me if these onesies are worth all the hype, the answer is 100% yes!! Madi is in her third size up and I love them as much as I did when she was just a teeny new born.

7. CHRISTY ANNE JEWELLERY - Personalised disc necklace

When it comes to my favourite golden adornments, the sentimental pieces are top of the list. Wearing your favourite jewels day in and day out is one thing, but understated personalisations or customisations that add a little "you" to these items is what it is all about. Christy is the queen of gorgeously made custom creations, and if you have something special in mind for your 2023 Christmas morning it is time to start dropping all the hints.

8. DOCKATOT - Cosset Body Pillow

This is definitely a want and not a need, but aren't most of the luxury things in life? Lovely to look at and extra soft, the cosset body pillow from Dockatot offers comfortable and supportive sleep and positioning that other pillows can't match. Whether you are using it for relief from discomfort related to pregnancy, recovery, and/or regular daily strain, or just to get comfy for story time with the kids, this beautifully made Cosset Body Pillow is the ultimate mama spoil!

9. COPPTIQUE - Hat Rail

A diverse decor addition that can be used around the home to display many of your beautiful things. In the bathroom, entrance or kitchen, this hat rail can hold far more than hats. Only limited by your imagination, this practical and pretty copper delight will come to life in your home.

10. PALMAR COLLECTION - embroidered rosé napkin set

Please don't give me a paper napkin if we are sitting down to dine. I love taking the time to make eating an experience. When we share our delicious meals with family or friends it is only right, in my opinion, to make the meal memorable in more ways than one. A beautifully set table consisting of crisp linen napkins is a dream. These embroidered rosé napkins from Palmar are beautifully finished with white embroidered dots that will finish off your table with additional elegance and charm. Limited and lovely, don't wait to add these to cart.

I hope you loved this months wish list! Please comment with your favourite product to share the love 💗

All my love,

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