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Updated: May 11, 2023

Making lifestyle shifts in order to make a difference in the world is not only simple and practical but, in some cases, preferable. The demand for alternatives to animal-derived ingredients has risen exponentially and, with the growing desire to better our lives, our planet and our skin, it's easy to see why.

What is Vegan Skin Care?

Vegan skin care refers to products that do not contain animal-derived components or by-products, and are not tested on animals. They use plant-based ingredients and alternatives to replace these animal-derived components.

Vegan skin care products tend to be gentler on the skin.

Those with sensitive, easily irritated or allergy-prone skin may find them to be especially beneficial as they tend to contain fewer ingredients that aggravate skin conditions or cause reactions.

By using plant-based or synthetic ingredients, you can enjoy all the benefits of a healthy skin care routine without contributing to animal cruelty!

IN A NUT SHELL, they are:

  • Cruelty-free Vegan skin care products are not tested on animals, making them a more ethical and compassionate choice for consumers who care about animal welfare.

  • Made up of mostly natural ingredients Vegan skin care products often contain natural and organic ingredients that are gentle on the skin and free from harmful chemicals.

  • Environmentally friendly Vegan skin care products are often more environmentally friendly since they do not contain animal by-products, which can be harmful to the environment.

  • Suitable for all skin types Vegan skin care products are often formulated to be suitable for all skin types, making them a great choice for consumers.

Living a more conscious life can begin with learning about the products you use to take care of your skin.

We have rounded up our favourite vegan-friendly brands below.

These brands are not only passionate about what they do, but they have a shared goal: to look after the planet and its people, whilst working with you to create a flawless complextion!


Mbiri Skincare is a 100% natural skincare range that is inspired by the Namibian desert and the plants and people that inhabit it. Mbiri empowers the Himba people of Namibia by purchasing Myrrh essential oil from their community.

Myrrh essential oil is found in every single Mbiri product, therefore purchasing from Mbiri means supporting a community of people that have been empowered by this amazing brand.

Epiphany recommended product: Prebiotic Daily Cream, R459


Lumi Glo uses ingredients that are vegan and cruelty free, multi-tasking and effective. They emphasise CBD leaf extract as the hero ingredient in all their products, due to its ability to help heal, reduce oil production, soothe breakouts and eczema.

Epiphany recommended product: The Hydration Booster Sheet Mask, R99


CF Suncare are proud to be a South African Suncare brand offering 100% clean, cruelty free and vegan products. Their products are friendly to your skin and to nature!

Epiphany recommended product: CF Moisturiser SPF40, R104.80


At Damp, they believe it is their responsibility to consciously create products that don’t disrupt the balance of the natural world. Their innovative and natural products prioritise the wellbeing of people and the planet.

Epiphany recommended product: Nourish & Restore Shampoo Bar, R190


Mare & Itis is inspired by everything natural. They are non-toxic, eco-conscious and they use plant based ingredients with none of the baddies!

Epiphany recommended product: SKIN Hydrating Toner, R120


Luamu has a passion for natural skin care and they offer vegan products that are effective and high quality. They are dedicated to becoming a zero-waste company and their products are already housed in recyclable, sustainable packaging.

Epiphany recommended product: 1% Hyaluronic Acid Serum, R199

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