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The Quiet Luxury trend offers a shift towards understated and minimalistic forms of luxury. The high-quality craftsmanship, subtle branding, and timeless designs are what speaks to my soul. Instead of flaunting flashy logos or overt displays of wealth, Quiet Luxury emphasises sophistication, refined elegance, and a sense of effortless style.

It is a juxtaposition to the logomania that was trending over the past few years. Loud Luxury brands who are logo centric proclaim their status through attention-grabbing designs and iconography. Think Louis Vuitton's iconic monogram print, or Gucci's “double G”.

Quite luxury, however, uses classic designs, high quality fabrics and subtle statements without seeking external validation or flaunting overt symbols of wealth.

Why Epiphany loves this trend:

  • Since this trend emphasises minimalism, it allows for individual expression and personal style.

  • Quiet Luxury items are often pieces that are versatile, functional, and can be dressed up or down, forming the foundation of a sophisticated wardrobe.

  • Quiet Luxury rejects seasonal fads in favour of timeless designs, therefore pieces tend to remain relevant and wearable for years to come, promoting sustainability and reducing the need for constant consumption.

Epiphany's favourite Quiet Luxury finds:

Leisure Loafer, R1599 - Sweet Peas

Blanket Scarf, R425 - Adele Catherine

The Stacy Bag, R2450 - Huntress

Havana Luxe Sandal, R995 - Sweet Peas

The Woven Purse, R650 - Huntress

Picasso Shirt, R799 - Trinity

The Tailored Coat, from R1399 - Sweet Peas

Palazzo Pants, R1100 - Sweet Peas

The Linen Waistcoat, R799 - Sweet Peas

Mignon Dress, R1200 - Ammara

Half Eternity Band, from R1450 - Christy Anne Jewellery

Waterproof Wave Necklace, R280 (Pictured with the Soft Wave Necklace - Currently Out of Stock) - Mañana

Alix Hoops, R220 - Mañana

Coin Huggies, R380 - Rare Collective

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