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At Epiphany, it's no secret that we are passionate about local brands and getting to know the people who live and breathe them. Every brand has a unique story and every founder an innate passion for what they do. We believe that getting to know the people behind the brands is one of the most special things about supporting local!

Caryn was born in Joburg and raised in East London and Durban. After school, she studied in Cape Town and spent time in places like Australia, California and Spain before returning to South Africa. She got married to Steven and they had their daughter, Sienna in Cape Town. At the beginning of 2020, her little family relocated from Cape Town to KZN and her son, Kolbe was born.

Motherhood has taught her a new resilience and has brought her insurmountable joy. She deeply values how the joys and challenges of motherhood continue to shape her – so much so that she co-authored a book to help others navigate motherhood.

It was when she was involved in education that she heard the whisper, “Why not become a Life Coach?”. She is trained in Ontological Life Coaching, which tackles issues holistically through the lenses of mood, body, and language. Her passion is to help others find purpose and what sets their soul alight.

Caryn offers life coaching online to individuals and groups as well as short courses, talks and retreats. Her ideal clients are individuals who feel stuck in big questions, difficult emotions or are wanting more out of their relationships. They are ready to become curious and to make practical shifts. They are desiring newfound purpose, clarity and to feel empowered.

"My hope is that by going through this coaching journey, you will see tangible shifts in your life and that you leave each session equipped with tools and feeling more hopeful."


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