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Updated: May 16, 2023

At Epiphany, it's no secret that we are passionate about local brands and getting to know the people who live and breathe them. Every brand has a unique story and every founder an innate passion for what they do. We believe that getting to know the people behind the brands is one of the most special things about supporting local.

Sharmon Reddington, is a HPCSA* Registered Counsellor. In addition to postpartum needs, she is also experienced in providing mental health support in the fields of attachment, addiction, bereavement, trauma, parenting guidance, and relationship and marital difficulties.

“I have experienced the joys of motherhood as well as the chaos, mum guilt and loss of former self. I have been the mum awake in the early hours of the morning, connecting with a fellow mother online. Working with women around the globe reminds me daily that we are certainly not alone, despite often feeling that way.

I also have a special place in my heart for mothers in the adoption process as well as those undergoing fertility treatment. Regardless of the way in which you conceived or delivered your baby, if you can relate to the ups and downs of those first 12 months after birth and want to connect, please reach out, and join our online Mum Well Community!”

Sharmon’s knowledge, mental health resources and experience as a wife and mother round out her empathetic, goal oriented approach to therapy. She lives in Knysna, SA with her husband and two children.


A Postpartum Guided Journal

This journal has been designed specifically to capture your pregnancy, birth and postpartum experience. These journals include prompts, quotes, illustrations and maternal mental health resources.

Mumtra Cards - R140

Affirmations are a helpful little tool in challenging some of our negative thinking patterns and replacing them with positive ones.

Place the cards somehwere you can see them (mirror, desk, car, bookmark) as useful reminders or share them with other mums.

This set includes:

30 affirmations/reflections.

The Mumtra Cards make a great babyshower gift along with the Postpartum Guided Journal.

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