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Updated: May 30, 2023

This time of year has an abundance of public holidays and we're big fans!

Whether we're taking advantage of a three day weekend or taking a few extra days off to escape from the rush of everyday life, we like to think that we have perfected the art of packing with purpose and travelling with only our most loved and most useful goodies. We don't think twice before tossing the following items into our weekend bag. They are tried and true go-to's that we feel are too good to be left behind. And once you discover them for yourself, we bet you'll feel the same way too!

In no particular order:

1. Waterproof jewellery is a game changer and a hassle-free way to look chic 24/7 while on holiday. Wear waterproof Mañana jewellery all holiday long, and continue to look fabulous whether you are at the beach, in the pool or trying out a cute local restaurant!

Waterproof Starlight Pearl Necklace, R400 - Mañana

2. The quintessential Sweet Pea sandals are a long weekend staple. Bonus points if you have a pair like these that are versatile enough to be worn both day and night.

Barcelona Sandals, R950 - Sweet Peas

3. It's so easy to lose your favourite sunnies when you go somewhere new or venture outdoors. Using a Sunglass Chain is a nifty way to ensure your sunglasses stay put and don't get misplaced.

Sunglass Chain, R310 - Summah

4. Rain or shine, SPF is a non negotiable. And this multitasking one by CF Suncare leaves a dewy, glowy finish while also being sweat and water resistant. What more could you need while on holiday?

CF Glow Sunscreen, R252.80 - CF Suncare

5. Arguably the most useful item one could take away with them. To be used as a towel, scarf, blanket, pillow, pram cover, beach sarong, tablecloth and more, a Turkish Towel deserves a permanent spot on this list!

Aztek Towel, R470 - Le Comfie

6. New places = unpredictable skin reactions. Lips are especially susceptible to change and this Nourishing Lip Butter made from Carnauba wax, shea butter and African botanicals, is all you need to protect chapped or dry lips in an unfamiliar environment.

Nourishing Lip Butter, R160 - Mbiri

7. A non-toxic, sweet almond oil based bug spray that is a handy size for packing in any luggage, carry-on or toiletry bag. A South African necessity!

Insect Repellent, R55 - Mare & Itis

8. Having a toiletry bag that is always kept stocked up is a simple holiday hack. This Leather Toiletry Bag is not only the perfect size but is sophisticated and unisex.

Distressed Leather Toiletry Bag, R805 - Adele Catherine

9. Corral all your gadgets, cords and chargers in one place with this useful pouch. Even a couple of nights away can require enough tech accessories to warrant an entire bag for them. Once you use a Cable Bag for travel, you won't look back!

Cable Bag, R250 - Adele Catherine

10. When it comes to removing unwanted hair the My Smooth Skin IPL is the answer to permanent results. In order to get the most out of your treatments, it is really important to be consistent with your treatments. You can take your IPL with you wherever you go and get smooth skin fast with the MSS glide mode.

Dream Hair Eraser, R2199 - My Smooth Skin

Which is your favourite long weekend essential?

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