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Updated: May 11, 2023

I can't believe how much I have felt the temperature drop over the last couple of weeks! The chill is setting in despite the fact that we are still due some more warmer days.

There are a few factors to consider as we head into the cooler seasons should we wish to keep our little ones warm and happy. Here are what I consider winter essentials for our little people:


I have been finding sleepwear for Madi at this time quite difficult. I don't want her to be too hot, but at the same time, not too cold. With warm days and cool nights it isn't always easy to get this right. The answer always comes down to sleepwear that is easy to wear, provides extra layers and is comfy to sleep in. Currently, Madi is using a Tog like the Dockatot sleeping bag, but I have a few gowns as well that will no doubt come in handy this A/W 22.

Sleep Bag, from R1199 - Dockatot

Knotted Gown, R295 - Flynn Jaxon

Gown, R275 - Boki


With the changes in temperature throughout the day, keeping our tots like baby bears porridge is a little more difficult. I have already started to opt for layers that can be stripped off should the day heat up, then put back on as the air starts to cool into the afternoon. I find that ribbed fabric tends to be specifically comfortable and ensure that I always have a couple of vests in my nappy bag at all times.

Noah Long Sleeve Top, R300 - Neve

Waffle Set, R299 - Bébé Cadeaux

Vests, from R99 - Flynn Jaxon

Ribbed Organic Zipsuit, R295 - Boki


One of my favourite things about Autumn/Winter is knitwear, and I don't see why our babes can't be part of the cosy comfort that is a warm knit. There is nothing sweeter than a little love in a cute jersey or beanie, and of course, knitwear is one of the best ways to keep the chills out!

Knitted Beanie, R245 - Neve

Waffle Knit Jersey, R375 - Bébé Cadeaux

Noah Knits, from R395 - Neve


The Winter sun may feel less dangerous but UV rays are damaging all year round. Sunscreen and hats are usually at the bottom of my list when the temperature drops below 22 degree however, I am determined to protect Madison's skin at all cost. If that means being cautious whenever we are outside, then that's what I will do!

Family Sunscreens, from R239,69 - CF Suncare

Daisy Sun Hat, R149 - Bébé Cadeaux


When it's too cold to play in the garden, indoor activities are an essential. Imagination play, developmental fun and out-of-the-box thinking are wonderful ways to keep your little ones busy and away from the television.

Little Dutch Doctor Doll Care Playset, R695 - Make Believe

Little Talks, Big Feelings Cards, R190 - Mum Well

Little Dutch Activity Table, R1890 - Make Believe

What do you think of these recommendations, mama? Anything you think I've missed or something that stood out as a great idea, please comment below. I would love to know what other mums are planning for the changing seasons.

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