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Updated: May 11, 2023

Turkish Towels - also known as Peshtemals, Hammam or Fouta towels - are much more than just an aesthetically pleasing addition to your guest bathroom. Due to the cotton's extra long flat, woven fibres they are absorbent, quick to dry and get softer after every wash. Both thin and lightweight, they are a compact companion that make packing for vacation or even day trips to the beach a far easier task. Once you experience the versatility and usefulness of this humble trend, you will be trading in the terry for the Turkish.

Whether you stick to using yours as a traditional bath or beach towel or you try out some of the ideas below, there's no denying that these beauts from Summah and Le Comfie are a welcome addition to any of our busy lives!


Wrapping a Turkish Towel around your fave Essiebess cozzie is an instant and classy way to cover up at the beach. Elevate your pool outfit by tying or wrapping your towel into different styles. There are countless options, from a halterneck dress to the classic wrap skirt! Get creative - you are only limited by your imagination.

Athens, R590 - Summah

Tie Shoulder One Piece, R850 - Essiebess


A Turkish Towel and the ever-so-handy Stella Clips are the perfect pair to protect your babe from the elements when out and about. The beautiful, breathable cotton makes them an ideal option to block out the sun and distractions. You also won't regret having the lightweight towel on hand to double up as an extra layer for your little babe if needed.

Eren, R440 - Le Comfie

Stella Clip, R499 - Bébé Cadeaux


For spontaneous trips to the park with your furry best friend! Lay down a Turkish Towel as a makeshift picnic blankie for you to sit on while your pup has a run around. Score yourself some extra brownie points by taking along a Brak Chuck from Benji + Moon for some games of fetch.

Cizgili, R455 - Le Comfie

Brak Chuck, R440 - Benji + Moon


When travelling, a scarf is the perfect lightweight and versatile accessory to have on hand in case the temperatures are a little cooler than expected. You can drape a Turkish Towel over your shoulders as a shawl or tie it as a scarf for a variety of warmer wears. If you are planning a summer trip to Europe this year, pack your favourite strappy styles with confidence knowing that you have an easy extra layer to wear if it gets a little breezy when the sun goes down.

Top tip: pack your Turkish towel in your hand luggage so that you can use it as a blanket on a chilly flight, or roll it up and use it as a comfy neck pillow on the plane.

Boheme Sand, R590 - Summah

Marbella Slip Dress, R795 - Larsen & Co.


Due to the extra absorbent qualities of Turkish cotton, a Turkish Towel is excellent at drying hair! By wrapping your locks up you avoid unnecessary damage that is usually caused by heat drying. Plus, if you really want to take your hair care to the next level, use a Shampoo Bar from Damp. Nourish and hydrate your hair with plant-based ingredients, minerals, and botanical extracts.

Terrace, R690 - Summah

Shampoo Bar, R190 - Damp


Whether you are doing Bikram Yoga or just like the idea of a highly absorbent, washable layer on your Yoga mat, a Turkish towel will do the trick. Use the Mare & Itis Yoga Mat Cleaner for the ultimate fresh-sesh! Using this combo is a must if you're in a group gym environment, sharing mats with others. This also goes for any other mat-based exercises if Yoga isn't your thing!

Sakin, R440 - Le Comfie

Yoga Mat Cleaner, R149 - Mare & Itis


So you've discovered Nursing Mamma and their magical lactation goodies that have made your milk-making life easier! Breastfeeding in public, however, will always have its challenges. Having a Turkish Towel to throw over your shoulder is a good looking way to feed on the go.

Arkadas, R430 - Le Comfie

Lactation Cookies, R170 - Nursing Mamma


The patterns available for these pretty cotton coverings work wonders as table wear. Beautify a table for two by pairing your favourite striped towel with Palmar Napkins in a matching tone.

Maroc, R540 - Summah

Napkin Set, R140 - Palmar Collection

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