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Updated: May 16, 2023

Since Madi was born, I have thought a lot about the word 'beautiful'. To me, Madi is the most beautiful thing I have ever seen. I was told I would think that way about my baby, but the feeling is nothing like I could have prepared myself for.

As a purveyor of beautiful things I thought I knew the meaning of the word, but I have come to realise that it is so much more than aesthetics. It really is about the feeling, more than anything.

I often look at myself in the mirror or in a photo and hone in on all the little things I wish I could change. Sometimes I wish my nose was different or I don't like my hair. I always think my boobs are too big for my frame and there isn't a time i can remember when I haven't wanted to lose a few more kgs.

it is so much more than aesthetics. It really is about the feeling more than anything.

Since Madi was born, these thoughts are often interrupted by an overriding fear. The fear is not that I'm not pretty enough or that I will never be my goal weight, the fear is that Madi will one day think of her appearance the way I think about mine. Her expressive eyes and angelic smile, her busy legs and fiery personality. She is perfection in my eyes and for her to think otherwise would break my heart.

I have been trying to be better. When I think my nose looks a funny shape, I change that thought to be grateful that it can smell. When I think my boobs look too big, I am thankful that they are a source of nutrition for my baby. When I feel like I need to lose weight, I instead congratulate myself for the walk around the block I managed this week.

I have become so conscious of the thoughts in my head and how I would feel if Madi had those thoughts. My goal for this year is to have beautiful thoughts. You know that saying by Roald Dahl about sunbeams?

"If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely."

Well, it is so true. I never look at the people I know and think "oh she should do 'xyz' to look prettier" or "ooo, I don't like her hair/her weight/her style." It's the way the person makes me feel, that stays with me. The happy memory we made together or their compliment that made my day. It's the thoughtful messages or a simple "I love you" that is what really means the most. It sounds so cliche, but I never think of mean people as beautiful. The people that I think are the most gorgeous are the ones that leave me with that unexplainable, happy feeling. They fill my cup and bring me joy.

So what does any of this have to do with a luxury brand directory you ask? Well my redefined meaning of beautiful applies across the board. How I decide to decorate my home, what I wear, the skincare I put on my face and the products I choose to use are more about the way I am left feeling, than the product itself.

Most of us spend our lives wanting more. Once we reach our goals or purchase our wants, a new 'something' comes into view and we spend very little time enjoying the actual moment that our dreams (little or big) come true. There is always something new to want, or something else that we need in order to keep up with the Joneses.

buy it because YOU love it and it makes you smile.

With that in mind, I implore you to start purchasing for you rather than for fashion or trends or because someone told you to. It's, of course, ok to follow trends or be interested in the new, up and coming, BUT it is also important to take note of the way you are left feeling when you make these purchases. Because are they really worth it if they don't leave you feeling happy and filled with joy? Don't buy the cushion because of what someone else will think of your home, buy it because YOU love it and it makes you smile. If you feel wonderful in a dress, that's more important than any trend.

In ending, I hope that these little thoughts in my head will encourage you to chase the feeling of beautiful rather than the things that we think will make our life better. Being beautiful is so much more than the way something looks, it's the way it leaves you feeling!

All my love,

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