for July

We've all got those items that we see and can't stop thinking about. Here is my top ten wish list items that I want in my wardrobe, trinket draw, home or on my skin.

Some are a little big but hey, a girl can dream.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 19.00.02.png

These body scrub balms look absolutely amazing and I want to try them all...then find my favourite! If you have tried and tested one already please let me know below about your experience. Totally excited to get my hands on this delicious looking skin food.

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I know this is kind of strange for a wish list top 10, but if you hadn't spotted them already, it's time you learnt about the amazing healthy recipes I post with the Noa & Co. listing every month. My wish list item is that someone will make me these choc protein millionaire bars as a "kind of" healthy treat (ie. if I don't eat them all at once).

Alternatively, I wish that I would just get baking.

There is also a recipe there for collagen crumpets, just saying.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 05.16.05.png

I love all the mono cushions by Spases and in truth wouldn't be fussed just to have any of them in my home! The Agna is just so pretty and unique. It's a different kind of geometric to anything I have seen before, and I would love 2 of these beauties for my home.


Basics will be basics will be basics, until the end of time. The frustration caused by not finding a basic something, like a good fitting plain white tee can cause me to go mildly crazy. I just don't understand why these everyday essentials are so hard to find?

These little studs are an essential, well at least in my case. Simple, clean, neat. They had to be top 10 this month.

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 11.50.35.png

My face has already fallen head over heels for this local brand, so I don't see why my body should have to miss out on the fun. This Body Oil in frangipani looks like heaven on earth and I quite simply need to try it.

Screenshot 2020-06-29 at 16.06.47.png

Seen as I have just redone our bedroom after living in it since August last year, I would really like to finish it off this second time around. That includes tie backs. They aren't a deal breaker in terms of job completion nor a job well done, but I do think that they will add truly unique details and a wonderful look to our room.


Literally dreaming about these shoes (and going to Paris again) but also the shoes. They are everything. The best looking comfy sandal, in TAN, with a strap at the back to hold them perfectly in place and a jute sole. What more could we ask for.


I really do not need more beautiful pendants and jewels for my neck. I was SO SUPER SPOILT for my birthday and I already have so many that I love. PLUS I have the XO zodiac pendant.

But this is my top 10 wishlist and the Jimnojean zodiac pendants absolutely had to feature!

The moulds were hand carved from wax by founder, Keagan herself. They are truly unique and very special items to own. Perhaps a birthday treat for you? You lucky fish or ram or crab or scorpion...What ever month is next!?

Screenshot 2020-06-30 at 09.08.48.png

The last thing I need but I totally want it. I think this little custom piece would look just fabulous stacked next to my wedding band, bar ring or blue sapphire. She is the most delicate little beauty and Dave I hope you are reading this (wink).

You can have a look at the MRJ instagram and website for more of Michelles custom creations!


I seriously wish I had a pet that I could dress in the Hayden pet jersey this winter. Does anyone else love this puppy knit as much as I do? 

The Lucky and Lou doggy jerseys are so incredibly cute and I don't want to say I resent Gnocchi and Toulouse for not letting me dress them up fancy and warm, but honestly, how can they not see how cute two kittens would be in a knit!


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