Tori's range of rare finds includes pieces from top brands around the globe, however they all have one unique thing in common. They have all been locally found here in South Africa. Many of these pieces have a very special place in Tori's heart as they are stunning show stoppers that her grandmother has collected throughout her years of travel.

Each piece is a part of her history.


Apart from the stories these pieces hold as part of their history, shopping vintage is the earth friendly choice! The fashion industy produces 10% of global C02 emissions (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change). You can make a difference by choosing not to support the fast fashion industry and rather support the circular fashion way!

The Bunny Vintage brings you brand pieces that are designed to make you stand out amongst the crowd. Gone are the days of awkardly wearing the same outfit at a function. You will be unique every single time. All of the brands they source are the best of the best. Stop sacrificing quality for fast fashion. These pieces, created by some of the top designers in the world, feel as fabulous as they look!

100% of The Bunny Vintage proceeds are donated towards charity. Every item you take home helps change the life of someone here in South Africa.


Tori has found a way to not only save the Earth from fast fashion, but to help those in need.

I love the heart of this brand, that takes their love for fashion and uses it to spread even more love on our Earth and amongst our people.

There is something so special about wearing a vintage garment. Each beautifully curated piece has it's own little story that makes it that much more special.


Your new shirt may have visited the Louvre, seen the top of the Eiffel Tower, secured a business deal or made someone fall in love. Each and every garment is a treasure trove of memories and the best part is that you get to continue the story. 



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