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Founded in 2015, our vision was to create a one-stop shop for brides and women alike to find classy jewellery, gorgeous hair accessories and clutch bags; to complete a look for their perfect big day or any other occasion.

Bejewelled is most passionate about creating that flawless ensemble which boasts their best quality in hand picking each and every item; to provide a collection that they believe to be most beautiful and exclusive - having only one or two in the same style. Whether it’s a gift or for yourself, their attention to detail extends to their packaging as they wrap every piece in gorgeous wooden boxes, completed with a signature white bow.

Their jewellery range is mostly sterling silver with cubic zirconia stones of an exceptional quality. They also stock plated jewellery including rhodium set in silver, gold or rose gold plating with cubic zirconia stones.  Hair accessories are made with a base of various types of wire, paired with pearls, diamanté or crystals to exude a touch of elegance.  Set in silver, gold or rose gold, the hair clips are mostly one of a kind.


Basically my new bestie, Juliet and I get on like a house on fire. She is just the most divine person and someone so easy to love. It's impossible not to want to support this beautiful go getter, and she makes it easy with a bridal selection that is unique and exclusive. 

Having been a bride once upon a time (2 years ago now) I  know what it's like trying to  find classic pieces of jewellery that won't date your photo's, look expensive, and don't cost an arm and a leg!

In actual fact I managed to find a beautiful pair of costume chandeliers which I loved from a popular and well known store at a shopping mall, and when I was putting them on for my photographer an hour before my wedding was about to begin one of them broke! I spent the ceremony with the dam thing super-glued to my left ear because no body had a replacement option, until it eventually fell off during photos.

(Who thinks about replacement earrings for your wedding day! Seriously!)

In my opinion, to spend excessive amounts on quality bridal accessories that you are going to wear once and then perhaps at a couple more formal events is really just a waste. The dress is one thing - but the accessories? In less you are gifted a family heirloom I say opt for something that doesn't break the bank but also isn't going to BREAK!!

When I found The Bejewelled Collection I was unfortunately two years late. Their price point is incredible especially considering the level of quality. The materials used to create their pieces is promised to last if cared for (trust me that's important), and their selections feature something for every bride. Classic, etherial and slightly more boho - but always incredibly chic. While we would all love to be dripping in the real deal (diamonds are my birthstone so...), it's just not always realistic.

No matter what style you are opting for with you dress you are bound to tick the accessory line off your to- do list here which is one less thing to worry about!


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