Summah is a dad and daughter duo independent company. Just like their consumers they care about their community, environment and the way their business is run. Summah works with small artisanal businesses in Turkey where designs and collections are developed. Each collection is ethically made and sustainably sourced.

 Their pieces are created to last a lifetime, with a minimal impact.  

Founder Kirsten resides between Istanbul and South Africa and hand selects beautiful luxe cotton homeware and beach essentials.  Mark organises and arranges the integration between stock and runs the online store connecting customers around the world from Cape Town. 

Summah brings a sense of inspired luxury to any summertime unwind. Their towels are multi functional and practical, fast drying and super light weight making them the perfect travel companion



I have always loved the Summah collections and own a number of their towels and hand towels. You can feel that their quality is on another level, and Kirsten's design choices are hard to resist.

A lover of stripes and neutrals, almost everything in the collection appeals to my taste. From the photography to the website to the products themselves, it is clear that this team does things properly and doesn't cut corners.

To be able to work with a Brand that I have loved and supported for longer than Epiphany's existence is a always a dream come true. 

When I use my Summah towels for a little tanning session in the garden, vacation memories come flooding back. Summah for me, is the epitome of vacation luxury, wild escapes, dreamy holidays and pure inspired happiness.

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The Bodrum is a blanket that has the ability to add a touch of refinement to any space, whilst still being super functional in terms of layering for a chilly weather.  

Now that Winter is upon us the temperature is far from enjoyable and I am constantly wrapping myself up in blankets to preserve my freezing bod. Not all blankets are created equal in my books. So whilst I insist on having them scattered in baskets around the house, have them hanging from decorative ladders, as well as have them placed neatly on the end of the beds, I have a clear preference with regards to the look and feel of my warm and cosy companions. This on would be high up on the list.


  • Colour: Reversible charcoal and soft grey

  • 100% Turkish textured muslin cotton

  • Flat Woven/Loomed In Turkey By Artisans

  • Eyelash fringe

  • 170cm x 215cm 




This 100% Turkish cotton throw doubles up as a bathroom towel.

The intricate design details and the unique texture of the Afrique Black are what make it eyecatching and outstanding to me.

I could easily have this sitting at the end of the bed in my guest room and then pack it as a beach towel for a weekend away. Options!

Each towel comes in a re-usable branded canvas bag that can keep all your treasures or travel with you on every adventure.


  • Colour: Textured pattern grey with cream

  • 100% Turkish cotton

  • Flat-woven/loomed In Turkey by artisans

  • Hand-tied cotton tassels

  • 95cm x 174cm 




It would be my dream to have my linen cupboard filled with these White Cotton Summah Towels. They are as aesthetically pleasing as they are practical and fast drying.

Perhaps in time I will build my collection, but for now I am starting my collection slowly and making use of these versatile towels in other areas of my life.

They are multi-purposeful travel companions and can be utilized as wraps, picnic blankets, beach towels or bathroom towels.


 I think the White Cotton makes for a practical and thoughtful gift for a friend. Bonus, Summah towels become softer and more absorbent with each wash. 


  • Colour: Solid white

  • 100% Turkish cotton

  • Flat-woven/loomed In Turkey by artisans

  • Hand-tied cotton tassels

  • 172cm x 92cm