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Two sisters. South African.

One: Chief Salad Maker & Pomegranate Enthusiast. Part-time professional perspirer (hence the insistence on cool natural deos). International Business, Luxury Brand Management & Entrepreneurship.

The Other: Chief Office Barista & House Plant Nurturer. Part-time professional allergic-reaction-haver to certain cosmetic ingredients (hence the insistence on cool products without these ingredients in it). Internationally qualified & experienced skin-'caretaker'.

Two opposites. One goal:

Clean, cruelty-free, and cool. S T R L ? curates a selection of beauty, wellness and lifestyle products according to this simple philosophy. Plus these sisters love to curate products & brands that are new to South Africa!

The shopping experience can be overwhelming for the 'conscious' consumer in SA; right now the onus is on them to do their homework. Let's change that with S T R L ? The idea is to make cruelty-free, informed shopping easy. And sexy. And fun!

S T R L ? attempts to redefine the old definition of beauty retail in South Africa. At least, that's what they aim for. At this time, they are still somewhat undefined. Fluid. With soft borders. S T R L ? is not a permanent name or manifestation. It's a beginning. It's a piece of what they'll be and offer, of what they hope to be.


These sisters look forward to growing, learning, redefining and much more to come!


Something you may not know about me is that I had a reasonably short stint as a Make Up and Hair Professional. Along came Covid-19 and that blossoming career quickly fizzled out as weddings were none and Epiphany began to grow and flourish.

Am I sad about it? NO! I love Epiphany and what it has become,

but I learnt a lot about make up during that time, more than I ever knew before (as one would expect).

The result however is that my appreciation for quality products, key ingredients and specific characteristics that I require from my make up and beauty/skin care products is on a whole new level.

So where does that leave S T R L ?

The excitement in me when I came across this brand was palpable. Not only is it aesthetically magnificent, but it also holds high values and standards for the brands it works with.

A no-nonsense policy when it comes to cruelty free and a strong focus on retail  relationships with their brand partners to ensure that everything they sell comes straight from the source. No messing around with unofficial stockists here.

Before S T R L ? stocks a brand, the brand must be S T R L ? certified. This means that each brand is investigated and approved by this sister duo before they are brought into the family.

If you know me at all, you will know that that is exactly how I do things around here.

S T R L ? is a brand that speaks to me on so many levels, but most importantly with their products. If you read about any of them you will notice attributes that are professionally sought after. Words like buildable coverage, non-greasy and radically hydrating are like music to my ears.

In fact this sister duo is so excited for me to try a few things out they couldn't wait to send me a couple! Now that's when you know the products must be amazing. 

I can't wait to share this journey with you and to discover these incredible new beauty brands.

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I am dying to try this! This is a muscle cream, developed by medical professionals in Berlin and brought exclusively to us in SA by the ladies at STRL?. This cream is specifically formulated for muscle tension combining organic hemp extract, silver willow, arnica and turmeric.


This functional cream has a recommended ritual of application, designed to enhance relaxation and encourage a moment of wellness. You can find this information inside the box or head to @thisplaceorganics to view short videos.


It is organic, made from herbal and plant ingredients. It's cruelty free and vegan. It is blissful and soothing.

And it's pink!!



eucalyptus and cedarwood

This is a long-lasting natural deodorant formulated for 48-hour protection. It contains hyaluronic acid to moisturise the skin and probiotics to neutralize odor.

It is available in two unisex formulas - Eucalyptus and Cedarwood and Lavender and Sage.

The eucalyptus aroma is fresh and energetic. It is a botanical scent that will awaken your senses!


With ingredients such as magnesium, coconut oil, shea butter, hyaluronic acid, and probiotics, it's no wonder this formula is nourishing and soothing for sensitive skin.

The clear formula will produce no stains and provide a satin finish.