Skinesiology is a functional and personalised skincare range with ingredients of the highest quality complemented by the emotional nutrients of our botanical and flower essence formulations facilitating a balanced state of mind.

At Skinesiology they believe the human body is a complex system of pulsing energies that need constant tuning and balancing. With that, they created a skincare range that is composed of various kinds of vibrating energies, using flower essences and rhythmically extracted botanicals.

"Our system identifies your state of mind while the vibrational remedies enhance the flow of your life-force energy to the cells and organs of your body, facilitating a balanced state of mind and health. By merging our emotional nutrients, natural & organic skincare ingredients with the principles of skinesiology, skinesiology has created the ultimate product in inner and outer balance in beauty therapy."

- Dorita


After suffering with acne for years, being on Orratane for months and trying many methods and skincare routines, I am always extra cautious when it comes to the products I apply to my skin.

However, I do believe that your skin does represent a lot of what is going on deep down on the inside of your body and is not always something that can be fixed topically.

Hormones, diet and stress are just some of the contributing factors that most of us know about, but i'm sure any esthetician could list many more that we aren't even aware of!

Skinesiology works with you to target your state of mind and health. It balances your energies using flower essences that allow your emotions to flow from the inside out.

Like most things in life, this is not going to be for everybody, but I love trying something new and am delighted to offer a wonderful local luxury experience unlike anything I have heard of before.





A functional fragrance with floral notes, revitalizing your energy. I use mine as a light perfume with the prettiest botanical notes.

The Auric mist is designed as so much more than a scent, however.

Here is what Skinesiology wants you to feel when using this spray every day:

"Feel and receive the floral notes gently falling onto you, experiencing the unfolding delight. Mist over body and aura to raise your mood as each spray contains a specific formula that carries a healing vibration connecting to your spirit."

"Blossom opens with aldehydic bergamot, which is an aromatic for self-love and self-worth. The fragrance allows for the blossoming and acceptance of self and creates a space in which to say, "I am worthy". The generous bouquet of flowers in the heart are an expression of love; whilst the sandalwood base is a bridge between the base and crown chakra".




Deep cleansing mask with two organic clays and fruit extracts of papaya and pineapple, reconnecting you to your true beauty.

This deep cleansing formulation removes tired cells, draws out impurities and offers a mild exfoliation, leaving the skin refreshed, toned and youthful. The unique blend of organic clays, infused with organic buchu and sour fig extracts, provides a soothing and purifying skin conditioner.

My skin feels cleaner, softer. smoother and refreshed after every use! 

It's gentle enough to use daily however I opt for a couple of times a week or every second week. It's important to listen to your skin and determine when you feel it is the right time to do a deep cleanse.

This is a wonderful gift that could inspire a loved one to pamper themselves.

"To journey within is to awaken. The synergy of the essential oils in this blend allows you to find your childlike innocence and to be truly open to acceptance, creativity, wisdom and happiness; opening with a freshness and drying down to a spiritual base of absolute strength."