the hems


Sarah left home with a humble suitcase on a solo mission.

She was braver than she had ever been. All on her own, she explored.

After a while, her exploring landed her a job, a few friends and a place to stay. "Phew."


Her suitcase was only going to get her so far…packing light meant she needed a wardrobe.

With the gift of a clean slate to redefine her style, she lived for days off spent navigating the dense alleyways to find the very best boutiques. She researched exactly where the cool-kids were shopping, had store attendants reveal their competitors and shamelessly stopped girls on the streets.

All while regularly getting lost, it was worth it.


With selections of cut, quality and fabrics: falling in love with the feel of the silks, the structure of the linens and the touch of the cottons, Sarah quickly built a wardrobe that was minimal and versatile.

So chuffed with her success, she felt compelled to share this experience back home in South Africa.

The first collection is entirely Saigon-sourced. Although she is planning to source from far and wide at some stage in the future.

‘hẻm’ is Vietnamese for 'narrow road or alley'.‘the hems’ are the roads of Saigon she travelled to bring stories to your wardrobe.

"Welcome to the story, let's build a wardrobe together!" - Sarah


Sarah has such a fearless and youthful perspective on style. It's refreshing to find a local store that sources fashion forward pieces and embraces a variety of textiles.

I love that her boutique hosts a multitude of looks that cater for a wide age group from around age 18 to 35. She takes care in personally curating each garment by hand and is specific about its origination, versatility and the story it tells.

Sarah doesn't believe in influencer marketing which I personally admire. Her customers are her influencers and her store has grown organically based on word of mouth and customer reviews. This in itself speaks volumes with regards to her personalised service, quality of her garments and style selection.

When a brand takes the time to style their apparel offering and shows their audience how they like to wear what they have to offer, it's an opportunity for me to learn new trends and style combinations.

I thrive on learning from anyone and everyone that comes my way. So this is such a draw card!

I am so looking forward to sharing my style tips on these sassy staples, and at the same time getting to know a little more about the Vietnamese boutique fashion.

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Party pants, fancy pants and smarty-pants all in one!

These Blue Lady Trousers have a matching blazer but can be the star of an outfit all on their own.

These structured pants are a classic style in an updated colourway. The mid-weight cotton fabrication holds the shape well and makes them beautifully form-fitting.

Sarah from The Hems suggests wearing the belt over the matching blazer for a belted look.


  • Mid-weight cotton

  • Tailored fit

  • Pockets

  • Removable belt

  • Model wears XS (28in waist and 157cm tall)






These eye-catching culottes are funky and fabulous, but do not at all compromise on comfort.


I could not think of an easier way to make a stylish statement than these pants. They are a total show-stopper.

The baby pink is super soft and romantic. I would wear these during the day with a plain white tee and let the culottes do the talking.


  • Heavy crepe cotton

  • High-waisted




These culottes (and their matching crop top) caught my eye at the Epiphany Pop Up in May. They are super dreamy and are, indeed, a beautiful deep midnight blue.

The silk/cotton blend and the pleat-like texture of these pants make them a luxe must-have.

These pants do all the work, with minimal effort required.


  • Silk/cotton blend

  • High-waisted

  • Wide leg