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Over the past 11 years Sarah has met, laughed and become friends with the most wonderful people. She has partnered with incredible hair brands, been part of special shoots and celebrations all while doing the thing she loves most; HAIR!  


In her beautiful salon in Windermere Road, Durban, her clients continue to trust Sarah with their cuts, colours and styles.

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266 Windermere Road



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When it comes to hairdressers I have SERIOUS TRUST ISSUES.

It takes a while to find a good fit and when I do find one I trust, they are stuck with me and my high expectations.

My hairdresser and trusted adviser moved to George 6 months ago and nobody has been allowed to touch these tresses until now.
Unfortunately, the time had come and I had to have a date with somebody new.

Sarah Slater has blown me away. Her work and Instagram page spoke for itself, so after scrolling Instagram and a recommendation from a friend I decided to pay her a visit.

It’s literally like she saw deep into my soul and knew what I wanted. Less is more, take out the strawberry, add some blonde balayage, no layers!! (You know…not fussy 😉)

She just got me.


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