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Robbie Darling was started by two stay at home moms, who have an affinity for different and unique locally handmade products.


They have 3 x 2 year olds and a new born between them. 


The beautiful wooden and other handmade products made by Robbie Darling are so different to anything else I have seen available in South Africa.

These moms are focused on diversity. There is such a gap in the market for these non-traditional toys. They are educational, thoughtfully made and welcome individuality. 

 I adore the heart and soul that is put into this brand.

One of the moms, Britt, just so happens to be one of my besties. A kind and sensitive soul, she has taken on this passion project with her cousin Tayne. A family run business that is building itself slowly with devotion and friendship, I can't wait to see how this brand grows.


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