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There's a little something for everyone on this month's Wish List. This curated combination is filled with goodies, experiences and treats that would serve as the perfect spoil for yourself or a loved one. This isn't just any old list, but rather one that has been carefully considered and well researched by yours truly. Check out what Epiphany Head quarters has had our eyes on throughout the month of June!

Here they are in no particular order:

1. The Daniela Disk

The Daniela Disk is a unique way to display your favourite mini decor goodies. This multipurpose shelf can be used to decorate absolutely any space in your home and is particularly nice when mounted with other Daniela Disks on a bare wall. Whilst I already have a few of these scattered around my home, I wouldn't hesitate to add more or gift some to a friend.

Daniela Disk, from R250 - Jayd

2. Holding Mama Journal

Written by Cary and Cait, this book and journal is a necessity for new mum's, in my opinion. It is about the mind, body and soul of a mum longing to discover the mother that has just been born and to find integration in this new life that feels foreign. It is a book to hold mamas in their unique experiences and to equip them with tools for the unending journey of motherhood.

Holding Mama Journal, R360 - Holding Mama

3. African Beauty Travel Set

The Luamu African beauty collection is formulated with high concentrated doses of African beauty superfoods, extracts, adaptogen and skincare powerhouses to exfoliate, hydrate, repair and protect your skin. This a travel set comprises of four products that I'm dying to try out.

  • Bulbine Skin Soothing Booster: An overnight botanical essence that calms, hydrates and repairs skin barrier.

  • Kalahari Melon Skinscreen Booster: A mineral oil that protects skin from environmental stressors, blue light, UV damage and photo-aging.

  • Baobab Skin Glowing Booster: A repair oil serum to stimulate natural skin’s collagen production.

  • Clove Skin Exfoliant Booster: A gentle exfoliating powder for smoother and softer skin.

African Beauty Travel Set, R375 - Luamu

4. Wave Charcoal Throw

This gorgeous tactile throw would instantly elevate your home. It's an effortless, neutral addition that provides both comfort and style. I find that items with texture not only add depth to a space, but also make it feel more refined and put-together. The charcoal and cream wavy stripe of this throw is ultra luxe and would add a sophisticated touch to my contemporary home. I have been eyeing it out for the new extension we've just completed!

Wave Charcoal Throw, R810 - Summah

5. Flutter Bikini Top

It's summer somewhere! Well, according to my social media, "everybody" has been spending summertime in Europe. Good for them 😌 If you are heading to the Northern Hemisphere soon, I suggest you go prepared with none other than Essiebess. While it might be a pain to find a cozzie in the shops right now, you'll find plenty beauts, like this Flutter Bikini Top, online.

Flutter Bikini Top in Ocean Leopard, R260 - Essiebess

6. Intimate Oil

An all-natural, high quality, v-friendly lubricant unapologetically designed to give you the life you deserve. Nectar Cannabis Intimate Oil is made with coconut oil and cannabis to help increase arousal and moisture.

Intimate Oil, R599 - Nectar

7. Organic 2-Way Zipsuit

These Zipsuits were designed to keep your little one comfortable and cosy while making nappy changes a breeze. They have been a godsend for us. Maddie lives in hers and this new striped colour way might find its way into her drawers soon. The organic cotton is soft and gentle on a baby's sensitive skin and the two-way zip is genius in the middle of the night!

Organic 2-Way Zipsuit, R299 - Boki

8. Hydrating Body Lotion

I'm sure I can speak on behalf of many when I say that this winter has seriously sapped our skin of hydration. So I went on the hunt for a super effective solution - I didn't have to look too far! This is a naturally moisturising, non-greasy body lotion that will soothe and hydrate the skin leaving it feeling smooth and silky.

Hydrating Body Lotion, R140 - Mbiri

9. The Margo Reversible Dress

The Margo Reversible Dress could be one of the most versatile dresses in your wardrobe. It has a wrap style that can be worn two ways. Wrap it the traditional way for a V neckline or turn it around to have a more modest, high neckline (and a V back). The dress has long sleeves, sits just below the knee and has pockets. While I would initially view it as chic office wear, this dress is a classic that could actually be used for many occasions. It also would suit different aged women with ease.

The Margo Reversible Dress, R979 - Trinity

10. Dreamer Earrings

It almost goes without saying that this style is perfect for those with one piercing not wanting to commit to more, but wanting the "ear stack" effect. They also differ from the conventional stud as they slide on with a hook design, instead of a post and a butterfly back. These dainty, elegant earrings are high up on my wishlist.

Dreamer Earrings, from R600 - Christy Anne Jewellery

Spot anything you will be adding to your cart?

Let me know in the comments below!

All my love,

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