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We have been wanting to start our blog for a while but getting the creative juices flowing hasn't been easy. We did a small survey so we know that people want to hear what we have to say, but a friend of ours recently asked a couple of questions about her newsletters in a small business community - and what shocked us the most was how most of the subscribers were receiving the newsletters but found them too long to read.

Illustration by Maggie Cole Draws

In our opinion reading is a gift. In our multi-tasking, cellphone holding, social media using, distracted lives it seems that many of us have forgotten the value of reading someone else's thoughts and opinions and perhaps learning something new. We have become so visual that unless there are pretty pictures to catch our attention then it is likely that we don't want to know about it.

Now don't get us wrong, we are all about pretty pictures, but we also have some pretty important things to say. Epiphany is not just a store with pretty things modelled by pretty people in pretty places. There is an extremely important under current that we are working so hard to promote amongst the people that admire and shop our brand.

Our ethos values people. Most importantly South Africans. If you have read any of our Instagram blurbs you will know that to us being conscious of your spending ranks high up on our list. We encourage luxury purchases that uplift our community and improve the South African economy, over department store purchases that don't value workmanship and focus on decreasing costs, increasing imports and little care for the people who actually make the items you buy.

We know that luxury, locally made goods come at a price. And there is a very good reason for that. Products that are made locally empower. They put food on the table of your fellow South Africans. They support a dream, a mission and a purpose.

Why is that your problem? Well maybe it's not. But it's all about this conscious decision of who we are supporting and why.

Illustration by Bodil Jane

We believe that we live in a MORE MORE MORE society, where we would rather have three of something instead of one.

Epiphany wants to change your mindset. You can have three dresses that last one season, but why not purchase a classic linen dress in a neutral tone that lasts you 3-4 summers or translates beautifully into winter.

Three fashion handbags that date in three months or start to peel and wear VS a custom made luxury leather bag which will last you 2-3 years (or more).

Costume jewellery that tarnishes and dates, or sterling silver/rose gold pieces that last years.

We tend drop our hand earned rands on cheaper products or sale items because we feel like we are getting value for money, when in fact we are impulse buying and not thinking of the long term effect on our wardrobe, home or worse...the environment! We are out looking for a quick fix, a once off outfit, or perhaps some retail therapy.

More than ever before it is important be thoughtful in our decision making.

When we purchase one quality item that promises longevity the waste produced from that one item on it's eventual disposal is far less than the waste produced on the disposal of the many cheaper options which have a far shorter life span.

If we don't start to change our mindset the effects on our planet will become irreversible. Some already are. We can't continue to live in this carefree head space where it is somebody else's problem. We need to think about our children - about future generations.

We have to start reading again. Reading the facts. Understanding the impact of our decisions. And even if you never purchase anything from our store, we hope that we can inspire you to start changing your money mindset. The majority of us do live on a budget and watch our spending carefully. But if you take a step back and have a look at the fashion that you spend on, how much money are you wasting on "value for money", impulse purchases and what can you say about the quality and longevity of the items that you buy?

Are you really saving?

Written by: Jessica Campbell

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