Jade Spencer is the creator of Poppy South Africa.

She started Poppy during the Covid lockdown and it has been an incredible journey so far!


"I never thought of myself as someone capable of starting my own business, but my love of clothing, coupled with that of my desire to live life as sustainably as possible, gave me the drive to start this brand that I now love and am beyond passionate about."


Poppy is a locally produced, proudly South African,  small batch clothing brand based in JHB, South Africa. Poppy is passionate about creating and supporting local and small businesses whilst aspiring to provide an alternative to fast fashion retail outlets. Each garment is beautifully handmade.


Poppy hopes to give South African women access to small batch, local fashion, while maintaining the highest quality to ensure that each item you purchase lasts for years to come, both in terms of style and longevity.


They focus on creating fun, feminine and timeless designs, while their vision is to create a brand that is kind to both the environment, and all those involved in the production of each Poppy piece.


Whilst learning and growing every day, the goal of being as gentle on the Earth as possible remains.

All Poppy garments are produced locally in Maboneng, JHB.


The Poppy brand is new on my radar and I am so happy to have stumbled across it. Just to my taste, the designs are simple, neutral and made with quality in mind to ensure that your purchase will be worn many times in many different ways.

Whilst the Poppy brand is still in its infancy, there are big possibilities for this collection and I can't wait to see where Jade is going to go with her brand!

I look forward to watching this beautiful South African story develop.

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