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Our Scented Room is a boutique African inspired online store that celebrates local creatives. Whether you’re shopping for a gift or for yourself, Our Scented Room offers a sense of opulence. Themed around a sensory experience, having sourced luxurious home fragrances, décor accessories and other scented must-have items to elevate your home.  Supporting wonderful local artisans to bring you the perfect online shopping experience with unique, limited addition rare finds.


I have followed Our Scented Room for quite a while now, watching them grow into the beautiful online store that is to be launched in April 2021.

What I love most about this brand is their attention to detail. Amanda and her team pay special attention to the things that I believe matter when sharing what they love online. Not only do they curate and sell a range that they love and believe in, but they take the time to display it in the most beautiful way.

It makes shopping their store not just a visual experience but almost a physical one. Every effort is made for you to understand exactly what you are buying without the need for you to touch it or smell it. Intangible as the items on your screen may be, you can almost feel the silk, smell the soap and feel the hand cream as it moisturises your finger tips.

Our Scented Room is the ultimate in luxury gifting and self care. Whether your loved one lives in another South African city, or not, you have come to the right place to purchase the most desirable gift.


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This scarf has a superior quality print, showing off the richest inky blues and greens. The hand-illustrated design includes beautiful inked watermarks and detailed pen lined drawings of the fan-palm pattern.

The crisp design and bright colours make this scarf a fun and bold holiday accessory. Worn on one's head, it is sure to accentuate anyone who has green or blue eyes. However, it would look equally as good contrasted against someone with a dark complexion.

It can be tied to a handbag to add some colour to an outfit, or thrown over one's shoulder as the temperature drops in the evening.


It really is a stunning, eye catching scarf that will light up a room and make it feel like summer wherever you go. 

Dimensions: 90 x 90cm





This beige Hand Stitched Pouch would make an ideal toiletry or makeup bag. It is a generous and convenient size (25 x 30 cm) and, due to its soft structure, it would be easy to pack into a suitcase if travelling. 

I love the textural aesthetic of this pouch. It has an organic look and feel to it.

If it's your style (like it is mine) don't be afraid to pair this with a pretty white summer dress and your favourite espadrilles for lunch with the girls. It's too gorgeous to keep all to yourself!