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The skincare space is a pretty confusing one but these girls get it. When life is busy and time is a luxury, they want your skincare routine to be fun. It’s why they’ve developed Oola Skincare and a product that’s effortless, effective, non-irritating and high-quality. 

After putting their own skins on the line to test the good, the bad and even the downright ugly (yikes), Taryn and her team have narrowed it down to something they are prepared to put their name on.

Meet Oola Skincare, a daily antioxidant burst that’s ideal for all skin types. Made from a few trusted ingredients that really work.

The end result? Healthier skin and a happier you. This product is moisturising, soothing, free-radical fighting, helps reduce acne and is ideal for use on other areas of the body too. 

Oola Skincare is a brand born in the sunny, vibrant and colourful town of Durban, South Africa. The very same province that this oil's miracle ingredient hails from.


"We hope you feel as excited opening your first bottle of Oola Skincare as we do bringing it to you" - Taryn


I love a brand that admits to the trials and errors of owning its own business. Social Media is a place that constantly shares stories of success when, in reality, there can be a whole lot of trial, error and heartache that goes into a well-run business and amazing products.

It's clear that Oola skincare had a goal. To create a simple, one product solution for better-looking skin that suits a variety of skin types.

They have said it themselves that it was no easy task and through trial and error on their own beautiful faces, they have finally found a winning formula.

When people are willing to risk their own skin to ensure that ours receive only the best, that tells you a little something about the kind of people they are.

Even more importantly, these babes DO NOT test on animals!!

I've been using the Marula Oil from Oola and I love how it absorbs so beautifully into my skin. There is no oily residue that remains but rather just a silky smooth surface.

This oil is designed to go after all your other serums, just before you moisturize, so you don't need to give up your retinol, vitamin c, or otherwise to get the benefits!  To me, that's very NB.

Don't be afraid to try it on your body, hair and nails for a boost too!


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