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OHD Everlast was born in a time of chaos in the wedding and events world, their COVID baby of sorts. The Oh Happy Day team have creativity flowing through their veins and needed to find an outlet for it.


These ladies love florals and florals have always made up a big part of what they do at Oh Happy Day. Dried florals have been an INCREDIBLE way to bring everlasting happiness to the OHD clients. Seeing their creations nestled in people’s homes and offices brings such joy to the OHD team and they can’t wait to see their lovechild grow. 


The OHD team has an ever-growing community of clients who have shown massive support and they are truly grateful.

However, they knew that if they wanted to truly create a reach, the Everlast concept would need to be available in stores.


Currently you can shop a selection of the beautiful OHD Everlast blooms in:

Adele Catherine in Kloof and JHB 

SPAR in Umhlanga and Mount Edgecombe

UNISON in Flanders Mall 


If you can’t get to store you can DM OHD here or mail them at flowers@ohhappyday.co.za


I have followed the Oh Happy Day family from the very beginning of their wedding adventures. At one point, Jo and I found ourselves walking on a treadmill next to each other every morning and catching up on each other's businesses and lives.

Durban is an incredibly small place. Well, so is South Africa really. My point is, I know these ladies, and let me tell you, they really are just so lovely.

Joelene is the creative lead and turns dreams into reality. If you can imagine it, Jo can recreate it.

I've seen it wedding after wedding. Just visit their Instagram page if you have any doubts.

Rowena is the flower queen and the physical excitement that vibrates from her body when you chat about anything to do with leaves is tangible.

With the help of Jess and the rest of the Oh Happy Day team, these woman lead an almighty force of creative spirit.

When the OHD Everlast concept was born I was so excited and couldn't wait to see where OHD would take it. Nothing these ladies do is ever half hearted. After watching this venture grow in just a few months, I can already see that we have only magical and exciting arrangements coming our way.

Imported from Spain, Italy and in some cases locally produced, these dried flowers are of the best quality with all the necessary certificates from the department of agriculture.

These blooms are legit with ABSOLUTELY NO ALIEN PLANTS being grown for supply in SA.

Let the everlasting fun begin!

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A sweet little something is launching this month. I am smitten but I can't spill the beans just yet. This pic is your clue...what do you think it could be?

Please note: price only applies for bouquets purchased in June. Excludes Delivery.