All Noa & Co products are sustainably sourced and of the highest quality so that you never have to settle for anything other than superior supplements made with love.

During her years spent living in Japan, their founder Megan was inspired by traditional health and wellness practices. This sparked an idea to create a natural supplements brand backed by an ethos of self-love and total body positivity. They’re aligned with Ikigai, the Japanese Ideology that’s all about finding joy in life through purpose.

Noa & Co. have distanced themselves from fuelling diet culture and focusing on aesthetics alone.

Instead, we prioritise health and wellness because when you focus on these things, you get to feel better about yourself AND enjoy aesthetic benefits as a by-product of using Noa & Co.

This shift in mindset is the greatest wealth of all and something the world certainly needs more of.

Carefully crafted with none of the nasties.

Every one of our products has been expertly created with the help of professionals to ensure plant-based, family-friendly products suitable for all walks of life. At Noa & Co there are professional athletes, pregnant moms, young adults, hard-working dads and even children with one thing in common: to be a better version of ourselves.


A brand that builds their ethos on well being, health and joy already sparks my interest.

After tasting the Noa & Co. products, reading a little more about the ingredients, production and story behind this new local brand I had to have them on this directory so that I could share them with you.

I love that Megan prioritises wellbeing over aesthetics. From the first time we were in contact with each other I could tell that she truly believes in her product, backs it and knows what she is talking about from a nutritional point of view. The love that she has put into this brand has shone right through into every little detail you will find when you come into contact with something Noa & Co.

This is just the beginning for a small business that I believe will make a big impact on the Health Products available in South Africa.

I so look forward to you trying them!


Vanilla Replenishing Protein Powder



Live the clean protein dream

Go with your gut and give it what it deserves with our carefully blended multi-source, plant-based supplement that contains a potent probiotic along with other extras. Three plant superstars (brown rice, pea and hemp) means an optimal amino acid profile that’s superior to any single protein source. Oh, we forgot to mention the delicious addition of Lucuma and vanilla…


  • Whey-free

  • Low-carb

  • Fibregum (prebiotic)

  • High fibre for a healthy digestive tract

  • Lucuma – a powerful antioxidant

  • Vegan-friendly

  • Multi strain probiotic that delivers 1 billion CFU per serving

  • Suitable for baking

  • Ethically sourced

I am truly terrible when it comes to meal prep during the day. You would think, working from home, that I would take advantage of my kitchen being on hand and make delicious bowls of things or plates of this and that - but I am just never that concerned about food during the day. I don't have time and dinner is where I tend to shine in the kitchen! haha

I rarely eat breakfast (unless coffee counts), and lunch is always a snack at whatever time I realise that I am actually quite hungry because I haven't made time to eat. I know, I know you don't have to tell me.

Meet the Protein shake. We have been best friends for over a decade. They are an especially quick and thoughtless way to get food done during the day and to make sure I am getting something slightly healthy along the way.

The Noa & Co. shake has surpassed my expectations. The taste is amazing as far as protein shakes go (and I have tried MANY), and the texture and after taste are really good too. No synthetic aftertaste which I can't stand.

I love that it has the added bonus of prebiotics, probiotics and high fibre which are imperative for a healthy gut.

AND most important it is locally produced.

If you enjoy your protein shakes I would highly recommend you give this one a swing.






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