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Tasmin, founder of Mynq, launched her brand in 2021 with the idea of producing unique women's clothing, at small scale. She works with a small but amazing team who helps with garment production.

She allows fabric that she loves to inspire garments, rather than purchasing for a specific design.

"At times the fabric doesn't get turned into anything and only after ignoring it for a while do I formulate an idea. 

Strange? Not really. This just means that interesting fabrics will be transformed into designs when the time is right."

No more than 15 items in a specific fabric will be produced (sometimes only 3) and Mynq won't re-produce using these fabrics again. So once a design is sold out in a specific fabric, it's sold out forever. 

Tasmin truly believes in the vision and in the mantra of being 'Wildly Unique'. Hoping that you enjoy the designs, fabrics and story and looking forward to you being part of this unique, limited quantity garment journey. 


The Mynq Designs collection is much louder,  bolder and brighter than anything else you will find on the Epiphany directory but it fits, thanks to their structured tailoring and classic styles.


Although unique and striking in fabric choice, I love that Tasmin has kept her cuts simple and classic which allows them to work well in a multitude of wardrobes.

A button up shirt and high rise trousers are always flattering and the rest comes down to personal style.

I hope Mynq grabs the hearts of our followers who enjoy a wardrobe that speaks in colour.


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