Munruyn ("mun-ray-n") celebrates modern parenting.

Being a parent and adapting to the change of parenthood in an unconventional world can be a real struggle for many. Munruyn is not only a brand offering beautiful products, but also a mom-run business that creates and develops from personal experience.


Their genuine leather bags, slow-made baby and toddler fashion and accessories, as well as home decor, are all made with the "mom-life" in mind.

 They strive to source locally or make in-house to ensure that each creation is given personal attention to detail.


 As mothers who know how life changes once your little ones arrive,

Munruyn wants to inspire you to remember the wild, adventurous woman you once were.

They want to help you feel confident and to love yourself unconditionally.

And to be there on your motherhood journey as you grow and learn that it's ok to let your hair down every once in a while!


"This mom community is endless. Let's look after one another." 




As a pregnant woman learning and a soon to be first time mum, I am inspired by the mothers that insist on chasing their dreams despite the extraordinary changes that have happened in their day to day life.

Navigating motherhood begins from the moment you find out about the little bean growing in your belly, and continues for the rest of your life! Surrounding yourself with people and things that help to make your life easier is an absolute necessity, in my opinion.

The main attraction for me was the Munruyn nappy bags. Not only made from the softest, most beautiful leather, and designed for use long after your baba is little, these beautiful bags are practical and considered.

You can tell they have been designed by a woman who has not only put in a lot of market research but has also included her own research based on her personal experiences as a mother. A year in trials and testing and these beautiful bags were finally put into production.

With little thoughtful additions like pockets, dummy clip holders and easy access zips, the Munruyn bag was an obvious choice for my new mom adventure.

With other beautiful products in their collection I know you are going to love getting to  know Munruyn. 


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