moki store


MOKI quite simply wanted to create a retail space that they themselves would like to shop in, filled with the things that they love. MOKI is a small team each contributing some special attributes. Their brick & mortar store is a positive space, filled with plants, cool products and positive vibes.

Visit them:

12 Maytime Centre

Cnr of Lyngarth Rd & Haygarth Rd



Contact them: 031 035 0119


I didn't discover MOKI online but rather, their brick and mortar store is just around the corner from our home.

It took one visit and I was hooked. All my secret Santa gifts, cushions for my verandah, a house warming gift and pretty teaspoons for my Christmas table. I visited Moki nearly every day during December and I saw something new almost every time.

Budget-friendly finds as well as luxury spoils for your home.

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