Michelle Robyn's love for jewellery started at a young age. As a five-year-old, she sat in front of the TV making paper jewellery for anyone and everyone who was willing to wear it. It’s been a few years since then, and luckily she has managed to upgrade her materials. Since starting her business in February 2015, people have been wearing MRJ on their fingers, on their wrists, on their necks,

and "hopefully", says Michelle, "we’ve managed to creep into their hearts too."

Currently her designs are created in Durban-based studio:

The Commune, 1st Floor the Design Factory, 39 Station Drive, Durban

Open Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 16:00

Pay her a visit!


I have known Michelle since our school days at Marist Stella and she has always had a quiet but beautiful soul. I watched Mich develop her range and her minimal, refined style over time. Beyond the fact that I love her to bits, I am completely head over heels for all of her designs. It is rare for me not to like something Mich makes. Our taste is very similar in that we enjoy more classic, contemporary styles that lend themselves to trends.

I can't count the number of pieces I have purchased from Michelle as gifts for friends and family (90% for my sister who is her second biggest fan) and myself, or custom designs we have thought up together.

She helped Dave with my engagement ring design, set a beautiful sapphire gifted from my parents and of course made our wedding bands. 


Almost every time I visit her showroom or her Instagram post pops up in my feed I am met with some new and amazing piece that my little heart desires. Birthday's usually go along the lines of "Is there anything you would like from Michelle?"

Mich is such a kind, hard working artist that rarely takes a moment for herself. I support her not just because I love her pieces, or because she's my friend, but because I have absolutely loved working with her happy spirit on everything she has ever made for us. More importantly, we have never been disappointed!



EMAIL: tash.westy@gmail.com

TO ORDER: place via DM on Instagram

polka dot necklace


yellow gold plated

The Polkadot necklace features a collection of 7, 9mm diameter, disks on a chain with an adjustable length of 40cm and 45cm. The front of the disks are polished and the back of the disks are matte to allow for variations.

This is a firm favourite from the MRJ basics collection. It has a matte and a polished side (you know I love versatility!) and sits pretty on its own or layered with the any other necklace from the MRJ collection.

You can also adjust the length to make it slightly shorter which is fabulous for layers and creating different looks.

I'm always more of a yellow gold fan so I think I would go for that, although the rose is very pretty too. One of those two and you can't go wrong.



EMAIL: michelle@michellerobynjewellery.com

TELL: 061 751 4736

TO ORDER: www.michellerobynjewellery.com

or visit her studio: 

The Commune, 1st Floor the Design Factory, 39 Station Drive, Durban

Open Monday – Friday, 08:30 – 16:00


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