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"Mamma’s Plants fuses together my love of plants, wooden decor and making spaces homely."

The journey began in 2019 when Britt was looking for prettier alternatives to displaying her plant cuttings at home. She really enjoys propagating plants but doesn't like how cluttered her space gets with random jars scattered around the house. Britt is all about that minimalistic lifestyle… and collecting lots of plants!

She had seen propagation stations on Instagram but couldn’t find anything that she liked available for sale in South Africa, so Britt began researching, and set out to make them herself and so Mamma's Plants was born!

"I’m a down-to-earth plant mamma who believes everyone should get to experience the joy plants can bring. My house wouldn’t be a home without plants, and I’m on a mission to help people create a happy, healthy urban jungle of their own."

Brittany Miller




Britt really is such a lovely person with a passion for plants and for helping others nurture them.

I love the unique offering that Mamma's Plants have. It's nothing like what I have seen before in SA and has an authentic owner who is truly passionate about what she does.

I once propagated a fiddle leaf fig and it was honestly the most rewarding experience watching it grow from thin little roots, then another leaf and now into its own little pot plant. If you love nature and plants I would highly recommend this as a hobby that offers so much reward.

In the hope of experiencing that feeling once more, I have just subscribed to Britt's "Rooting For You" plant subscription which I think is such an amazing concept. I am so excited to receive my cuttings and get propagating!


Plant Consultations with Brittany:

Houseplants bring joy and brighten up our space. Part of the fun of collecting plants is learning as you go but when you’ve spent money on the plants, you want to make sure they continue to thrive in your care, right?

Plant care and maintenance can be subjective, but there are a couple of things that you need to know and do consistently. With so much information out there, it can be confusing to know what is really important, so Brittney has launched these once-off consultations to help YOU.

In a one-on-one session, you’ll learn the fundamentals of houseplant care and how it relates to your personal collection, so that you can have happy, healthy plants! 

These consultations are perfect for new plant parents or anyone who just needs a little help with their plants.


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