made in may


In May 2021, Lolly finally found the courage to step away from the corporate world and start her own business - something she had been dreaming about for the longest time.


"May 2021 marked the beginning of a new chapter for me and my brand.

Made in May Studio is an amalgamation of my 2 loves:

working with people




Every morning I wake up with the excitement that comes with helping others take those next steps. For me to be able to give female founders and entrepreneurs the tools they need to grow their brand and turn their dreams into a reality, is everything."

- Lauren 


Well I may be a little bias as Lolly is my sister, but I can't describe how in awe I am of her passion for design and her ability to aim high and shoot higher.

Lolly is a perfectionist, which has means pushing her boundaries and thoughtfully creating are her strong suit.

Her strategic design talent and her expertise in point of sale and brand design is incredible.

The genius behind the Epiphany branding and now our in house designer and social planner, Lolly is such an incredible asset to my beautiful Epiphany and I want everyone to know about her skillset.

If you want to take your brand places, Lauren is your girl.

She may be tiny, but she is mighty!

Lolly has already had the opportunity to work with the following Epiphany brands:

Adele Grace, Mare & Itis, Ella Sol, Eclectic Collection and JAYD.

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