Lumi Glo has been created by the founder of this wonderful South African company, Shahnaz Cola-Wrensch. Shahnaz is a make up artist who is all about being a glow getter but also believes in skin health.

After being a makeup artist for 10 years she fell in love with skincare and always dreamed of creating her own brand. "I love to layer skincare to get that ultimate glow". Even before you get to applying foundation skin needs to be at its best. 


A good skincare routine is so vital as our skin is the biggest organ in our body. Our skin is a miracle of nature. Taking care of your skin has become more important than ever with the environment we live in. 


Lumi Glo are starting with sheet masks because not only are they popular but they give that instant skin boost. They are perfect if you want to see and feel instant results.

Using amazing ingredients such as CBD Fruit Extract each mask is combined with key ingredients that everyone should have in their routine. PLUS Lumi Glo are so proud to be cruelty free and vegan. 


Sheet masks are very popular in Korean Skincare but to find a good quality one that's made in South Africa is truly a unique find.

Our skin is really important and neglect begins to show, especially as we age.

Both men and woman should take care of this incredibly important body part to ensure they not only look and feel their best, but avoid uncomfortable skin irritation that can come from dry or oily skin!

The Lumi Glo has been on my radar thanks to it development by Shahnaz, a well known South African makeup artist, who has been in the business for over 10 years. Out of anyone, she understands the importance of creating a beautiful canvas for make up application.

Am am so excited to share this South African creation with you and look forward to the products Shahnaz has in store in the future!





Sheet masks are a great way to get instant skin gratification. They are amazing for really giving that extra boost and glow to the skin. 

Your skin is allowed to rest while its busy rehydrating and getting it's moisture back. 


Each sheet mask is infused with active ingredients that really work. 

CBD Fruit Extract help people that suffer from sensitive skin.

It soothes redness, breakouts, dry dehydrated skin and relieves eczema.

All ingredients used are cruelty free and vegan. These masks are also biodegradable (bamboo). Sulphate free, NO BPA's or PEG'S.NO parabens, NO microbeeds, NO formaldehydes, NO silicones and 

NO synthetic colours.

A Review by Catherine:

"This CBD mask is truly a miracle in a packet. Reduces redness & leaves my skin feeling hydrated after my microneedling sessions. Also super hydrating & soothing on my eczema prone skin, especially during a flareup.  Would recommend this sheet mask to anyone with sensitive prone skin.  It's a must have in my books"