Lucia Borrelli is the creative director and designer of the Lucia brand. Her experience within the fashion industry and her personal eye for detail adds a unique, understated look and feel to the clothes she creates. Each item, garment or accessory is expertly designed and the utmost care is taken at each stage of production with Lucia being very hands on as she works with her team. The brand has become a favourite with local street style bloggers and influencers having been featured in Glamour Magazine and online.

From Lucia: "My team and I take great pride in creating locally designed clothing and I aim to give women an extremely feminine, luxurious experience when wearing my garments. Our colour pallet is very specific, yet very feminine. All the styles are named after important women who inspire me on a daily basis and who have moulded me into the person that I am today."

Visit her in her brand new studio:

91 Churchill Rd


Berea, Durban

(just upstairs from Antique Café)


Lucia has been one of my local loves since before Epiphany was born. We met at iHeart market when her beautiful white, dusty pink and floral apparel swayed gently in the breeze. The classic, feminine style that Lucia does so well pulled me into her store and I have been going back ever since.

You can spot a Lucia garment a mile away. She is so good at staying in her lane, remaining focused and confident in the Lucia look and feel, and never lets competition bring doubt to the core aesthetics of her brand. It's this that has made her so successful.

Every season she repeats "Lucia staples" in updated designs, textures and fabrics, along with the addition of beautiful new looks that revolve around the unique Lucia femininity.

Having become great friends, I have watched Lucia grow from iHeart, to online to having her own store/studio. The sky is her limit and she is THE go too for beautiful, feminine style. 

A wonderful designer and a very special person - Lucia is somebody I love to support.

P.S. you pronounce it Looo - cheeee - yaaa (I got that wrong for a long time!)


Amore dress


lilac floral

– Viscose Silk
– Hand wash
– A comfortable easy loose fit
– Garment has a keyhole closure at the back neckline and secured with a button and fixed side ties.


I already own an Amore Maxi in a green and pink floral and I can't rave more about the comfort level and compliments I receive when I wear that dress. It's been to weddings, Italy and a one year old's birthday party.

Lucia always laughs at my obsession with it but I find it so flattering and it's a dress my friends often borrow.

The style just looks beautiful on everyone. My favourite part is that Lucia always makes limited stock of her dresses so you aren't going to bump into 7 other people wearing the same thing.

I would highly recommend that you invest in one of these at some stage.

P.S. there are only 2 of the lilac floral left and I am very tempted to make one mine






visit her brand new studio:

91 Churchill Rd


Berea, Durban

(just upstairs from Antique Café)


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