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A home isn’t just a place to reside. It’s an expression of your identity. That means ‘feeling at home’ isn’t solely about being comfortable. It’s about your space reflecting who you are, and what you love.

The Joie Collection brings together a range of accessories to add a touch of luxe to your home (and hopefully spark some inspiration too). The entire range is sourced from local suppliers, made with quality materials, and chosen with a sensibility that combines the classic with the contemporary.

Joie is uncomplicated elegance. It’s not limited to a single style but rather a way of making your space feel a little more expressive and delightful. That’s also where the name comes from – inspired by the French Mauritian roots of the founder, it simply means ‘joy.’ It’s what we all want more of in the world, and definitely in our homes.

(And it’s pronounced jwah if you weren’t quite sure.)

"So, as you browse around, we hope you find something in our collection that feels like you, and feels like home – and that you’ll love it all as much as we do.

Avec tout mon amour"

-Claire, founder


Claire is new to the local entrepreneurial world, but she has decided to jump right in and embrace all it has to offer. I have seen her write, many times, about how amazing our local community is and how supportive small business owners are.

I think it says a lot about who she is as person, someone who jumps in with both feet and embraces the people around her.

For me the Joie Collection is not only a selection of beautiful home decor, but a heart felt brand that is worth supporting.

You will find beautifully scented candles, unique home treasures and ceramics that I have no doubt you will fall in love with.

Whether you love contemporary, quirky or sophisticated design, this store will have something for you to adore.


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Rich in detail and texture, the Ovale Paisley Platter is both functional and aesthetically pleasing. When not in use, it could easily sit pretty on a table or low shelf.

It oozes character and would be a welcomed addition to any home.

Platters make wonderful gifts. They are not bulky, burdensome items, they are always useful to have on hand and of course, they encourage entertaining!


The generous sizing of this platter means that it is ideal for serving a roast or medley of veg.

Dimensions: 37cm x 24cm





This beautiful espresso tumbler was designed and handmade exclusively for The Joie Collection.


The earthy tones of this sweet espresso tumbler remind me of being in the bush. They bring a sense of nature into the home.


The fact that they are handmade means they will not all be exactly the same. I love how this makes each one unique and special.


Although primarily used for espresso, I can imagine myself using these for dips and sauces too.


They are dishwasher and microwave safe, which is a huge bonus in my books.


Dimensions: 6.5cm x 7.5cm | 125ml