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They are a husband and wife team with an immense passion for animals and a keen eye for interiors. Yolandi and her husband had just newly renovated their apartment, but had one small issue: their cat, ‘Coco’ didn’t have a living space that blended with their décor and aesthetics.


"As a keen member of the family, and technically the “boss” of the house, we could not remove her beloved cat stand and throne (which had already been torn to shreds) from the living room.  We eventually custom-made our own cat stand for the living room and since then we have never looked back. As this problem presented itself, we saw an opportunity to create stylish, well designed pet furniture that could be functional as well as harmoniously fit in with the interior of your home." - Yolandi


Jelico Pets approaches every design with meticulous attention to detail and have set themselves the goal to integrate the living space between home owners and their beloved fur babies. They pride themselves on providing the highest level of product quality. Only the best fabrications and materials are used to ensure the pieces have longevity and are functional for their intended end-use

. There is also a consistent minimalist aesthetic to all their designs, intended to match perfectly and blend into almost any home's space.


Last but not least, Yolandi and her husband are passionate about giving back to the community and donate 5% from every purchase to local charities and initiatives that are close to their heart.


They believe that every cat and dog should eat, sleep and play in style.


As most of you know, Dave and I are kitty parents to Toulouse and Gnocchi. I absolutely adore our fluffy boys and they play a huge role in our everyday life. 

And being the person that I am, one who likes to keep a neat and tidy home, appreciates the finer things in life, and has a passion for decor and beautiful spaces, I am always on the lookout for pet goodies that are easy on the eye.

Jelico Pets ticks all those boxes for me. Initially, I fell in love with the Khaleesi bed, Bella bed and Toulouse blanket... and after that, everything else followed suit, making its way into my heart.

As Yolandi says, attention to detail is such an important factor to them, and it's evident in the way that they have launched their business. From the beautiful photos, a glorious array of products and a user-friendly, well-designed website, 

I think we can expect wonderful things from this local brand. 

Personally, I can't wait to spoil my babies! I've got my eye on the Bella!!

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My kitties love to curl up in cozy spaces that are enclosed, but still open enough for them to be aware of their surroundings.

Gnocchi and Toulouse are dying to get their paws on the Pandora.


The Pandora cat cave has a unique shape that is specifically designed to suit your cat’s unique needs. Each bed is hand woven using a natural sustainable plant called water hyacinth. The plant grows very quickly and is considered an invasive species in some places. Thus farmers and craftsmen are constantly finding new ways to apply the product in order to remove it from waterways.


The cushion is also filled with soft eco fibers made from recycled plastic bottles and the outer is very durable and easy to clean as the fabric is stain and water repellent. Cushion covers are removeable and washable.




Blankets are a great way to add a little cosiness to your pet’s bed and my two baby's live for the furriest blanks we own.

These faux fur blankets are a “must have” if you are looking to give your pet a soft, luxurious place to snuggle into.


The Toulouse faux fur is incredibly soft and is backed with an equally soft velvet backing. This blanket works well with any of the Jelico Pet beds and is also great to use as a throw over beds or sofa’s for your fur baby to sleep on.

Once I get these, Toulouse and Gnocchi will be making biscuits for days!