Jason and Dani, are the duo behind JAYD, a brand that has come to life quite organically through their passion for unique furniture and decor within their own home. 

A few years ago they bought their first “fixer-upper” home where they got to properly experiment with design, decor and furnishings.

"There is something quite wonderful that happens when you create something that is both literally and figuratively made with your blood, sweat, tears and most importantly LOVE."

Growing up in his grandfather's workshop, Jay naturally acquired a passion and talent for all things DIY, more specifically woodworking. He learnt craftsmanship and skill from both his gramps and dad and is the magician behind Dani's wild ideas (read demands). 


They realised that there is a higher appreciation for custom designed decor, and it is one of the main reasons why Dani began this journey with JAYD. She believes that, they as a couple, have something to share with you within the small business and shop-local platform.

Finding beautifully made, artisanal type furnishings that compliment your unique style is what makes the experience so wonderful. 


"JAYD is a dream come true, one that has been ten years in the making and how exciting to be able to share that within our community. "


I have been friends with Jason for about ten years and was over the moon when he met my now taller bestie Dani.

If someone had told us 5 years ago that we would be working for ourselves as Girl Bosses in our Local Community we probably would have rolled our eyes before ordering a large cappuccino or an even larger glass of wine.

To watch my bestie pursue a dream and be at her side along the way is honestly such a blessing. From the initial JAYD brainstorming sessions to behind the scenes sneak peeks of the website build, as well as, seeing product shoot images come together, it's been the most amazing thing to watch this brand develop.

Knowing the two people that founded JAYD as well as I do, makes it impossible for me not to love who they are and the way they approach this passion.

Impeccable taste, passionate workmanship and a love for creating together is what this pair is about.

I have a feeling you are going to love them too.


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A multipurpose mini shelf for your home that can be used to decorate absolutely any space. 


Use the Daniela Disk to display a scented candle, a mini vase with a small bunch of beautiful blooms or one of your treasured ceramics. 


I have 3 of these little platforms adding some fun to my living room wall. 

They are an effortless way to add character and personality to your favourite spaces. 





The Blake Tray has a simple design with bold minimal details. It is highly functional and can be used throughout your home in almost any room or setting. 

On your night stand to hold your favourite candle and daily jewels just before you sleep, on your vanity to display your prized perfume collection, in the guest loo as a soap and hand lotion holder and of course, anywhere in the kitchen to either serve or prepare something delish.


It is a high quality piece that could be kept forever and utilised over the years as it is as timeless as it is useful.