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House of Health came to life as a result of Natalie Christie’s desire to support and encourage like-minded people on their health and wellness journeys. Natalie is passionate about bringing together people who aspire to healthy living. She aspired to create a place that would enable people to make healthy lifestyle choices that would transform their lives – and House of Health is the result. 


Natalie has created a carefully curated collection of hand-picked healthy living products that are not only accessible but also affordable on the House of Health website. The selection spans a pared-down, but comprehensive range of health options chosen to help you improve and maintain your health into the future. To begin your journey, all you need to do is make your choice and the products will be on their way to you in no time. 

Maximising your health and wellness is about more than just nourishing your body with quality vitamin, mineral and superfood supplements. It’s also about adopting a holistic approach to your life and finding a support base that will help you continue to make the right lifestyle choices. As such, she has created a community where you can share health and wellness ideas and tips, as well as receive support and help.


Natalie didn't just wake up one day and decide to open an online health store. There is a true passion for healthy living and supporting a community of health junkies that drove her to start this endeavour.

This makes such a difference when shopping her store. You know that Natalie has health at the top of her mind when buying for her consumers. She wants to offer the best in the industry. Products that she herself would be willing to use.

House of Health is so much more than an online store, but rather a haven for people that want to get healthy, like to stay healthy and who enjoy staying in the loop with the latest products available in the South African health market.

And if you have any questions, need any recipes, or want to find out more about something you would like to buy, Nats is your girl! Just get in touch and she will help you with absolute pleasure!


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Beauty comes from within and that's where Glamour Boost comes in!

This formulation of marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, botanicals and vitamins is intended to assist as an everyday wellness and beauty support. 

These ingredients function to assist with skin elasticity, blemishes, hydration, as well as, bone and joint health. It also contains botanicals that are high in antioxidants.

The delicious peachy flavoured drink might be a welcomed change to the usual way you ingest your collagen - perhaps through a protein shake or smoothie.





Foxtan, if you're not familiar, is somewhat of a cult brand known for their rapid tanning products. These products contain ingredients that help to boost melanin production. So, rather than putting a faux bronzing lotion on your skin, Foxtan claims to give your bod (and face) a deeper and darker tan, the natural way, but with less time spent in the sun.

The Rapid Face Tanner is specifically formulated for the face. This lightweight lotion differs as it contains hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil, shea and cocoa butter. It penetrates quickly and easily, leaving zero residue.

This all-in-one face product is intended for use in preparation for, and during time in the sun or sunbed. It requires application 3-5 days prior to UV exposure and then whilst also in the sun or sunbed.

I am always a bit apprehensive when it comes to anything regarding sun exposure, but this sounds marvellous.