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Introducing, The Heirloom Recipe Book a hardcover collection of recipes & family stories shared by loved ones, curated in a gorgeous one-of-a-kind recipe book. The perfect gift for newlyweds, a milestone birthday, anniversary, grandparents or loved ones at Christmas. 

The journey of Hark and Hare began in 2018, when designer and illustrator, Kayla, decided she wanted to invest her time and expertise into creating something that felt valuable and meaningful

Thus she began Hark and Hare, with the sole intention of turning individuals’ stories and memories into keepsake treasures, to be cherished and passed on for generations.

Through the unique concept of Heirloom Recipe Books, luxury Heirloom Photo Albums and intricately drawn custom illustrations, Hark and Hare aims to capture life’s big and small moments and ensure that they live on, not only in your mind's eye, but in your hearts and hands too.

After all, everybody has a heart full of stories to tell - it’s the archive of our lives.


When I discovered Hark & Hare I felt like I had been united with a brand that spoke right into my heart and soul. My sister and I are very sentimental and have always made recipe books, photo books and illustrated birthday cards for members of our family.

We never managed to create something quite as magnificent (well maybe Lolly did), but the sentiment was just the same. Memories and moments are more wonderful than anything material.

The idea that you can gift a gorgeous heirloom recipe book, that can be passed down through the generations and enjoyed in many kitchens, by all sorts of family and friends, gives me all the chills and happiness.

I can't wait to organise one of these for someone close to me. They are the most beautiful thing I have seen in a long time and I am honoured to share this Brand with you!


Personalised Ceramic Recipe Plates. 

A ceramic plate with the handwritten recipe in the handwriting of your own or a loved one’s ✍🏻 This product will be a limited edition run from March - July 2021.

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