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ForeverME is a style-movement and locally crafted clothing brand for both men and women. They specialise in unique and passionately curated one-piece garments that promote against-the-grain ambition.

They are all for the uniques, the big personalities, the authentics, the unapologetics, the challengers and boundary-pushers.

Enjoying life in the freedom of comfort.

They go beyond delivering just ‘what works’ and aspire to delight, satisfy and deliver happiness. They know that, by looking after you they will achieve success and create a loyal community together.


This brand strives to be environmentally friendly as far as possible. They invest time in quality over quantity; and put effort into uplifting the environment, as well as the everyday lifestyles of their fans. 


There is that saying that goes something like "stick to the knitting", and I feel like ForeverME has taken this to heart but in a very personal sense.

They know who they are, who they want to inspire and which consumers they want to please; and they are creating, designing and conceptualising for this niche.

The ForeverME style (i.e. Bold, comfortable everyday wear) is not for everyone, but there is beauty in that!


I love that this brand has focus, a vision and a set idea for where they want to go. It's a truly unique concept that is proudly South African. 


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