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Meet Gina. She asked if she could introduce herself to you directly, and why not?


"Oh, hello friend, I’m Gina. If we were meeting in person, chances are you would be getting a big hug right about now!

If you asked me about my passions I

would tell you I’m on a mission to weave business dreams into aligned branding that encompasses the heart and soul. I strive to connect with the bones of a brand, learn the narrative and cultivate a powerful set of business tools.

Now if you asked me about my heart, I’d tell you I fall over my feet for thoughtful beauty and that manifests itself in the form of wedding stationary. Mindful, intentional and charming is my jam.


I look forward to chatting soon friend, much love – G"


From the minute I started chatting to Gina on the phone I knew we were going to be fast friends. She gets as excited about new adventures and collaborations as I do. I can tell she has such a genuine passion for people and it is evident in the way she has forfeited big brand business for small brand devotion.

Besides her authenticity and warm hearted spirit, Gina is really incredible at what she does. Her work is absolutely amazing and easy to appreciate whether you know much about design or not.

She is the kind of person that will dig deep into the vision you have for your business, wedding or event, and then translate that vision to paper.


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