"I'm Derryn Schmidt.

I’ve been professionally taking photos for 15 years.

I’ve been shooting weddings as a full-time job for the last 8 years.

The artist in me strives to create something unique and exciting every time I pick up my camera. The parent in me seeks to capture and document the most meaningful and fleeting moments that occur during everyday life.

My style represents this attempt to balance these two important aspects of photography.

My aim as a wedding photographer is to make the experience of having your photos taken enjoyable and stress free. I promise to offer you the best service that I can, and help you to have fun while we create images together at your wedding.


My purpose is to capture memories.

The magical thing about a photograph is that as the memory begins to fade, the photograph remains. That’s why I love taking photographs of people who love one another.

It’s not for now, it’s for later.

My passion is to share what I have learnt from behind the lens.

I love to teach people (beginner photographers, business owners and selfie queens alike) how to take your photos from average to great and start printing photos that you’re proud of. Your phone’s memory doesn’t have to be overflowing with average pictures. Years of experience have taught me what tips, tricks, lighting and angles create the most beautiful results. I want to share this with you so you can fill your memory with beautiful photography and wonderful memories."

Derryn Schmidt


Derryn and I went to school together, although we didn't really know each other too well in those days. The teeny little world that we live in brought us together through our husbands and so began a 7 year friendship.

I have watched Derryn grow, change and refine her style as well as tackle new adventures along the way. Derryn is a force to be reckoned with. A lot of my early business knowledge came from her and her eagerness to share her decisions and lessons learnt as an entrepreneur.

Derryn is not afraid to say it like it is and if you are willing to listen you will get a lot of valuable knowledge from this wise owl.

Of course my wedding photographer of choice, Derryn made the photography of our wedding day completely relaxed.

Her years in the industry truly shine through as she doesn't waste any time. She see's the perfect shot and makes it happen. She tells you how to stand, where to put your hands and makes you feel completely at ease throughout all the awkward moments.

My business shoot with Derryn went in a very similar way. In both cases, the photos came out beautifully!!

Her reputation speaks for itself and there is a reason she is considered one of the best.

My advice: Book her for a shoot, try her photography course or even better, ask her to shoot your wedding! Everyone needs some Derryn in their life.





Capturing those special moments when they are so tiny and new might seem like something you can do yourself, but when you see these images taken by Derryn you can understand why it's so important to spend the money and get the shoot done!

It's such a fantastic gift for new parents but as new parents, along with all your other new expenses, I don't think it's something you will ever regret!

At a time in your life where everything is strange, you never get dressed up and pj's become acceptable at all times of the day, 

straightening irons are foreign and you aren't even sure when the last time you saw your makeup bag was,

it's so nice to take a breather and find a little "normal" for a minute.

These teeny tiny moments you will never get back. And let's be honest with ourselves, a paid shoot is more than likely the only thing that will get a new mom in front of the camera rather than have her behind it.




Learning how to take photos, is learning how to observe life.

Photography is an art form that has become accessible to us all. We no longer have to rely on an annual family portrait session to document our lives.

With affordable SLRs and handy smart phones, we can capture daily precious moments and have them on record forever.

Don’t let another precious moment slip away.

Lessons consist of videos, slideshows and some reading material.

  • 4 modules which you will have access to immediately. 

  • Once you have mastered exposure, you'll learn how to light and compose your images and then how to edit them.

  • Join a private Facebook group so that you can ask questions and share photos.

  • Receive feedback on photos that you share.

  • Recorded monthly group critiques over video for those who submit photos.





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