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After finishing off culinary school at Jackie Cameron School of Food & Wine and spending time in the industry down in Cape Town, the idea of Cocoa Africa started to form.

Jordin started her time in the industry at Greenhouse restaurant, Constantia (at the time it was the 5th best restaurant in the country) under Chefs Peter Tempelhof and Ashely Moss. It was here that she spent a lot of time in the pastry section learning valuable skills and working with unique flavours and pairings.

Staying in Cape Town, Jordin then moved on to working with chocolate and learning the art behind this beautiful ingredient. She soon realized there is so much more to it than what meets the eye (and taste buds) and continued to learn more.

It became an interest that quickly turned into a burning passion.


Jordin had the privilege of working with the best ingredients and equipment that the chocolate industry has to offer as well as learning the skills of handcrafted chocolate without the fancy equipment.

"After a few years I realized I couldn’t go on for much longer without putting my ideas out into the world and so the brainstorming began. It was during this time that moving back to my home town, Hillcrest, in KZN was put onto my heart.

To gain additional knowledge and skill, I did a course with world renowned chocolatier, Melissa Coppel and then began the process of starting something of my own. After lots of experimenting, testing and tasting… Cocoa Africa started in November 2020.

The name – Cocoa Africa was the first name that came to mind, and it stuck. I wanted the name to include aspects relating to chocolate but most importantly relating to my home, Africa." - Jordin

This business prides itself most on doing everything properly, giving you the best quality from packaging to tasting. Each chocolate made in her kitchen is hand painted, filled, and packaged with so much love and care. Jordin's chocolates are made using the highest quality ingredients she can source. Chocolate from France and Belgium, nuts from South African soil and infusions either found locally or abroad – all of these ingredients are carefully put together for your best chocolate experience.

She hopes you enjoy these beautiful products as much as Cocoa Africa enjoys making them.




I have more of a savoury tooth than a sweet one, but give me a beautiful, well made chocolate or pastry and who am I to decline!

Chocolate is right up there with some of the best of life's luxuries, but there is a huge difference between a grocery store slab and something made with such precision and care.

It is no wonder that you can taste the difference between good quality ingredients and the everyday versions we are used to.

If flowers mean I'm sorry, and chocolates mean I love you.... I would choose the chocolates every time! :)

Especially if they are made by the wonderful Jordin, from Cocoa Africa!!


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